St Martin Of Tours Remarkable It’s Natural Rich Island

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Learn Bangladesh full of natural beauties. The Bay of Bengal enriches its beauty more. If you plan to visit islands in Bangladesh, make St Martin of tours first.

Bangladesh is a country of islands. You will find many big and small islands in the southern part of the country. All are amazing to feature. St Martin is a small island in this region with all-natural beauties.

Bangladesh has eight divisions with 64 districts. See, every district reveals some distinctive features. These beautiful features make the country unique and renowned to others.

You may hear about Chittagong, one of the famous divisions of Bangladesh. There are eleven distinctive districts in Chittagong.

Among all districts, people know Cox’s Bazar more for its beauty of the sea beach and islands. St Martin is more famous than other islands in Cox’s Bazar.

This Cox’s Bazar district has eight Upazilas. Teknaf is one of them. On the Bangladeshi map, you will see St Martin island under Teknaf Upazila.

This Upazila forms the southernmost part of Bangladesh. The country gets this area from the Naf River. This river provides its eastern boundary and shares a border with neighboring Myanmar.

Anyway, St Martin of tours can able to provide you all pleasure of nature. It is the most southern point of Teknaf and also Bangladesh. People may visit Teknaf first for this St Martin.

So, if you want to escape from this busy lifestyle for some time, go to St Martin of tours. All-natural beauties of the island will welcome you with countess love.

Now, start your journey to St Martin with us. This article will be your proper guide in your present valuable tour to this island.


St Martin of Tours| Know about a beautiful Island

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St Martin Island beautiful

Bangladesh is your right choice for spending your holidays in the beauty of nature. Also, your plan for ST Martin of tours will enhance your enjoyment on vacation.

Since the place is far from Dhaka city, you need proper knowledge before going there. You must not destroy your contentment with an unexpected situation. For this, learn more about St Martin and pay a visit there.

At first, take an idea about islands of Bangladesh. It will help you to know how an island creates and how many islands have in Bangladesh.


List of Islands in Bangladesh to Get Idea

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Bangladesh Islands

You will find most of the islands in Bangladesh are scattering along with the sea Bay of Bengal and the Padma River’s mouth. Another name of Islands in this country originated from Ganges delta is ‘Char.

In Bangladesh, most of the islands are nature-made. You will see islands surrounded by water. Bhola is the biggest, and Sonadia is the smallest island in Bangladesh. And, St Martin Island is the ultra-popular tourist spot of Bangladesh.

The significant islands in this region are:

  • Ashar Char
  • Bhasan Char
  • Bhola Island
  • Char Lakshmi
  • Dhal Char
  • Double Char
  • Hatiya Island
  • Kukri Mukri
  • Kutubdia Upazila
  • Maheskhali Island
  • Manipura Island
  • Nizam Dwip
  • Sonadia Island
  • St Martin Island, etc.


Know Historical Background of St Martin Island

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It is important to know the historical background before going to St Martin of tours. People used St Martin as an expansion of the Teknaf peninsula millennia ago.

The island was formed by submerged of Teknaf peninsula. And, this place is disconnected from the mainland area. The identification of this island is unknown.

People think that the first settlement began 250 years ago by Arabic merchants. They named it Jinjira. Anyway, Arabic sailors used it as a relaxation center. They used it while traveling to South East Asia from Chittagong.

In the 18th century, some Rakhine started to live in this place. Most of them were fishermen. They planted many coconut trees there. But it had other trees also.

Rakhine used these trees as a source of sweet water. Gradually, this area became a land of coconut trees. After that, people started to call this place with the name Narikel Jinjira.

In the early 19th century, the British occupied the land and named it St Martin. It was named after the name of Chittagong Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Martin.

Yet, local people call it Narikel Jinjira, which means Coconut Island. It has another name Daruchini Dwip which means Cinnamon Island.


Location and geographical structure of St Martin

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St Martin Map

You must need to learn about the location and geographical structure before going to any place. This will help you to make it easy to travel to any unknown place. So, learn about St Martin Island before starting your St Martin of tours.

It is a small island in Chittagong Division. Cox’s Bazar district is worldwide famous for its unbroken sandy sea beach. St Martin is another place which increases this fame to up.

You will get St Martin in Teknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar district. This is the most southern point of the Bay of Bengal country, Bangladesh.

This island is three square kilometers long from the southeastern portion of the sea. Find it 9 kilometers south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsula.

According to the experts, the island has three parts;

  • Narikel Jinjira is the northern part with 2.134 km long and 1,402 meters wide.
  • Dakkhin Para is the southern part, which is 1929 meters long and 1890 meters wide.
  • The middle part has a length and width of 1524 meters and 518 meters, local name Maddhopara.


Corals island St Martin, St martin of tours, st martin island, St. martin of tours, st. martin island, St. martin, st. martin, Bangladeshn, bangladesh Travel

The average height of this island from sea level is 3.6 meters. Get 5-7 kilometers coral wall. You will get this coral wall to the west and northwest side of Narikel Jinjira.

You will see an island at the Naf River entrance, about 8 kilometers west of the northwest of neighboring Myanmar.

It is a separated part of St Martin called Chera Dwip. It is an isolated island adjoining St Martin. You can go there during low tide by walking. But in high tide, you need boats to access there.

St Martin is a Union Parishad of Teknaf Upazila. It has nine villages.  The island becomes separate in the Rainy season from the mainland due to heavy rain and cyclone.

St Martin Island is a land of corals. Corals make the base of this area. People remove corals to sell them to foreigners and local visitors.

Find the large biological variety here. Some of them are fish, amphibian, mollusk, turtles, and snails. There are also flora, corals, birds, and mammals. Coconut is the most significant cash crop of this area.

You will get comfortable weather from November to February. This is the major tourist time in Bangladesh. But from March to July, cyclones can attack the island. But it is a matter of surprise that there is no destruction in the 2004 Tsunami.


Know about the general people and livelihood of St Martin

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The only coral island in the country is the best attraction for tourists. Its inhabitants, lifestyles, peaceful and quiet environment make it the best tourist’s choice. Introduce with them going to St Martin of tours.

The island has about 5500 inhabitants. Fishing is their main profession. And, common crops that people grow are rice and coconut.

People also like to collect Algae from water. They collect and dry them in the sun. Then, local people export these Algae to Myanmar.

People catch fish from October to April. Also, they sell them in the temporary market at wholesale price. Get chicken and meats imported from the mainland.

Inhabitants can’t go anywhere during the rainy season. For bad weather and the high tide of the Bay of Bengal, inhabitants’ lives also go in danger. In recent, you will get a hospital on the island. In the past, there was no doctor on the island.


Enjoy the beauty of St Martin island

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Enjoy St Martin island

The government did not permit general people to access this island from 1989 to 2004. Only foreigners could visit there. Now, both Bangladeshis and foreigners can travel to the coral island.

It has an extension called Chera Dwip. There have some bushes which are only green part here.  Surprisingly, you will not get any inhabitants in this Chera Dwip.

Anyway, many people make a plan to St Martin of tours only for its natural tranquility and serenity. It is the best visitors’ choice place in Bangladesh.

Enjoy the blue water of the sea with corals and the sandy beach here. Endless natural beauties and a lot of coconut trees all will attract you to stay more time.

Another enjoyable thing on this island is sunrise and sunset time. You can enjoy both amazing scenes from here. Get out early in the morning to enjoy the purity of the young sun.

If you walk on the sandy beach, enjoy the fresh air. It will work like medicine in your body. The early sun will welcome you with soft warmth in the morning. Feel the sun like a unveil from the blue sky. No one can deny this heaven-like beauty.

Get spa by swimming in cold blue water in the sea. It will provide you physical and mental refreshment. The soft melody of sea sound appeals to you more love for this place.

Start your breakfast with fresh fried lobster and bread. Now, get ready to visit the whole area. You can get an opportunity to healthy sunbathe on this island.

St martin of tours

It is time to visit this beautiful island. You know the length of this island is not so big. So, you can walk through the land. It needs one or more half hours to cover the whole area. Cycling is another option o travel the total area of the island.

This island has no motorbike or engines that can pollute the environment. So, the place is air pollute free for you. Now, take a long breath as much as possible without any hesitation.

Again, explore the Chera Dwip after coming here. You need to begin your visit after breakfast if you want to go there. Hire a speed boat and start the journey towards Chera Dwip. You can also go by a local fishing boat. It will take you to Chera Dwip.

Here, you will see Keya plantation and nice small beach. This is the best place for a photoshoot. So, click some photos and preserve them as memory.

Feel yourself in the middle of the sea after coming to this isolated island. The underwater beauty and crystal view of corals will enhance your pleasure of St Martin of tours.

Come back again to the mainland of St Martin and take lunch. The rest of the time, enjoy the beach area. If you can manage, stay the night on this beach to discover the true beauty of St Martin.

Then, enjoy the night full of stars in the open sky. Lack of electricity in this place also increases the beauty of the night.

Another exciting thing on this island is scuba diving. Try to get an opportunity of diving. Otherwise, your sea experience will remain incomplete. Ex-navy divers run a scuba diving center. So, it will be safe for you with experts.

Don’t miss having local fresh food if you come here. Also, buy some local catch fish and fresh, dried fish for further use. You can use them as a gift for your dear ones after returning home.


Other tourist spots near St Martin Island

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Let’s grasp all pleasure of St Martin of tours by visiting other beautiful places near the island. Go back to your country with full memory of St Martin tours. So, come for a long time vacation and visit all the places of Chittagong Division along with St Martin.


Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

This unbroken sandy sea beach is the longest on this planet. So, you must visit this beach after coming to see the coral island.

Enjoy the sunrise of Cox’s Bazar that attracts tourists more. Sea bath in the early morning is the common enjoyment of this beach.

Afternoon beach comes with other beautiful decorum. Find it crowded in the afternoon. People enjoy sea beach air and touch the tidal water of the sea.

Some play football and beach volleyball. And, some people enjoy scuba diving, which is the most attractive feature in Cox’s Bazar sea beach.

People wait for the night to enjoy the night beauty of the beach. It is another magical night to feel. You see, the beach becomes quiet and less crowded in the evening. Few visitors take this advantage to make their time more enjoyable.

You can visit this place with family and friends to make the vacation more enjoyable. So, visit the world-famous sea beach, if you come to visit St Martin.

Maheskhali Island

It is another island of Cox’s Bazar District along with St Martin. You can pay a visit if you finish your St Martin tour. Find it as another jewel among all attractions of Cox’s Bazar.

Maheskhali is famous for its beauty and tranquility of nature. Rickshaw pullers await your arrival offer with a unique tour throughout the town.

Start your unforgettable journey to Maheskhali, covering 268 square kilometers of land. The most attractive things in this place are mangrove forests, a range of hills, and remarkable landscapes.

The extraordinary quality of this area allures the tourists always. Adinath shrine is one of the most visited places on this island. You can also visit the Buddhist temple and pagoda visiting the area.

People are also generous and simple. They produce salt and sell them. Dried fish is another item of their production.

Speed boats will take you to this island. The government has recently completed Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttam Bridge to connect the island with the mainland.

It makes travel easy to the island. Now, inhabitants can move easily and bring their necessary things. But for visitors waterways are best as they can enjoy the sea beauty while traveling.

Dulhazra Safari park Cox’s Bazar

Do you want to visit more places after St Martin visit? Dulhazra safari park is an exciting place to enjoy on the way to your visit to Narikel Jinjira.

Anyway, Dulhazra Safari park is an eco-park situated in Chakaria Upazila, Cox’s Bazar. It is 107 kilometers away from Chittagong port city.

Visit safari park to see many wild animals. It preserves 4000 animals of 165 species. This park is 52 kilometers far from Cox’s Bazar, established in 2001. It has 286 birds and 340 species of plants.

The government manages the park with four objectives:

  • Conservation breeding for endangered wildlife
  • Research
  • Education
  • Recreation purpose

All the year-round, many individuals visit the place. In peak season, about 6000 travelers come daily to visit here. You can enjoy an elephant ride in the safari park.

Other animals like lions, Bengal tigers, bears, crocodiles, you can see. Many kinds of birds and monkeys are also available here.

This place is a learning place for students and a recreational spot for visitors. This is a stunning spot for a day outing. There is a top tower from where you can enjoy a vast ocean of green plants.

Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive

Do you love long drives? Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive is the best way to fulfill your desire. If you stay at Cox’s Bazar hotel, go for a long drive by renting a car.

This driveway is 80 kilometers long road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf Upazila. The longest marine drive of the world remains beside the Bay of Bengal.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated it on 6 May 2017. Bangladesh Roads and Highway supervised it, and Bangladesh Army constructed this unique drive.

Enjoy the best driving in Bangladesh with feel like driving in another world.  You can see hills on one side and a vast sandy beach on the other side. One can enjoy fantastic pictures amidst nature.

You will hear the roar of rolling waves of the sea while driving on this smooth road. That gives you a heavenly feeling on the earth. The range of Jhau forests is also a fantastic example of beautiful nature.


How do you get to St Martin’s Island?

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If you are in Bangladesh, you need to travel to Chittagong to go to St Martin. There are several ways to reach this island. You can go from your any way which is fit for your comfort zone.

Anyway, come to Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong first. Then go to Teknaf. Water transport is the only way to visit the island. From Teknaf, get into a ship to start your dream journey.

This ship journey will also give you an amazing view of hills on one side and the other side of Myanmar. The ship flows through the Naf River.

You can go direct to Teknaf from Dhaka by bus. It takes 10-11 hours to reach. Most of the buses leave at night from Dhaka.

If you want to reach by plane, fly to Cox’s Bazar first. Government and private planes are available for you in this city. Then rent a car to Teknaf. Public buses or group rental services are also available to travel to Teknaf. You will get there at cheap costs this way.

One can buy a ticket with return facilities. The ship cruises from 9 am to 9.30 am, and the return journey starts at 3 pm. If you want to stay on the beautiful island for more days, you can do it. But, ticket prices are the same for you.


Where do you stay going St Martin of Tours?

St martin of tours, st martin island, St. martin of tours, st. martin island, St. martin, st. martin, Bangladeshn, bangladesh Travel

Don’t worry about accommodation in St Martin of Tours. There are many hotels and cottages on the island for stay at night. So, don’t miss to enjoy the night view of the island.

Fresh foods are available here that are tasty to eat. Most of the hotels offer you to enjoy their barbeque party at night. You can have some local foods also.

If you go for a day trip, you have to stay in Cox’s Bazar. This place is full of many world-class hotels, motels, and restaurants. Make pre-booking in peak season September to April to avoid haphazard.


Importance of St Martin Island

St martin of tours, st martin island, St. martin of tours, st. martin island, St. martin, st. martin, Bangladeshn, bangladesh Travel

Bangladesh is a tourist-oriented country. Every year many tourists come to visit Bangladesh. They roam every beautiful site of the country.

St Martin is such a place that no one wants to return home without visiting the island. So, it is a crucial place for the government and also tourists.

The Bangladesh Government earns huge revenue every year from the tourism sector. This revenue helps the government to contribute to many developmental programs of Bangladesh.

St Martin is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. Many people from home and abroad visit this place every year.

The beach people also earn their livelihood by selling products to the visitors. So, the place has excellent socio-economic importance for the country.

FAQ: For St Martin tours

You have to visit Bangladesh to reach this island. One can get this at Cox’s Bazar district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.

You will find it as the only coral reef in the country, Bangladesh. It is also the most southern portion of the country.

Yes, it is a safe tourist zone. But you should take some precautions after visiting any place.

It is very easy to find. Go to the south city of Cox's Bazar and make a tour of this island.


End line For St Martin Island

According to Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, the country has about 800 potential tourist spots for visiting. There are few countries in the world which have many tourist spots.

Bangladesh has many sites to visit. For this, this country is a dream destination for travel lovers. Among them, most travelers like sea beaches or water spots more than hills or forests.

St Martin of tours is for those people who love to enjoy the touch of nature in water. This island allures all the adventure lovers to its land.

Anyway, remember that this place is not open for all seasons for the trip. So, try to visit peak season, though it will be crowded more. Otherwise, keep in touch with the weather forecast before and after the visit. Let’s make fun of visiting St Martin’s Island.


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