Shoilo Propat Bandarban is amazing beautiful near the city

Would you like to see amazing natural waterfalls very close to the city? Then the Shoilo Propat Bandarban may be your first choice. This a fascinating creation of nature, the softness of its form calms every troubled mind.

You won’t find two such beautiful natural fountains for short or long-term trips with family or friends near a modern city. The distance from Bandarban city to this amazing Shoilo Propat is only 7.2 kilometers.

Shoilo Propat you can call it Shoilo Waterfalls, No matter what you call that. It is very important for you to know some things if you want to travel to this amazing beautiful waterfall

We have covered this article in detail on all the issues related to the Shoilo Propat trip. You should read this article and start the journey.


Location of beautiful Shoilo Propat

This beautiful Shoilo Propat in Bandarban, a hilly district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. Its exact location is on the side of the road from Bandarban to Thanchi.

The distance from Dhaka to beautiful this place is 320 kilometers, and from Bandarban is 7.2 kilometers.

Geographical location

North: Bandarban Sadar,
South: Thanchi Upazila,
East: Rowangchhari,
West: Bandarban Sadar,


What you can see travel beautiful Shoilo Propat

The amazing natural beauty of Shoilo Propat calms the restless minds of travelers at the moment. This is an incredible creation of nature that every tourist is fascinated by.

You will fall in love in a moment when you see the waterfall. The natural environment around Shoilo Propat and the way of life of the Tribe people here seem to add to its beauty.

The beautiful nature around the hilly zigzag roads and Shoilo Propat will definitely make your travel exciting. You must be fascinated by the way of life of the people living here.

Excellent items made by Tribe people catch everyone’s eye, you can buy these items at low prices if you want. Travelers buy large quantities of Tribe clothing and furniture. Every tourist who comes to visit is fascinated by the environment and returns home.


How to go amazing Shoilo Propat Bandarban

Shoilo Propat Bandarban is very easy and comfortable to travel. If you want you can visit the beautiful waterfall at a very low cost. Why don’t you travel from any part of Bangladesh, you must come to Bandarban and go from Bandarban go to this place

You can use the bus, train, and plane behind Bandarban, a beautiful hill town. From Dhaka to Bandarban you will get a very good quality AC and non-AC buses. You will reach Bandarban in 8 to 9 hours in a very nice and comfortable way through all these months. From Bandarban, you can reach the excellent place by moon car or bus.

The distance from Dhaka to Shoilo Propat is 320 kilometers. If you want to travel by plane or train, you have to come to Chittagong. Local buses will reach Bandarban from Chittagong and Shoilo Propat from Bandarban. The fare per person on the plane is 5000 to 6000, and on the train 300 to 1500 Tk.


The total cost of beautiful Shoilo Propat Bandarban travel

The cost of a trip is very low. You can travel to this wonderful place with relatives, friends, and family at low cost if you want. Below is a detailed description of how much it will cost to travel directly from Dhaka to Bandarban by non-AC bus, and Shoilo Propat. The cost will be much lower if you travel in groups.

Amazing and exciting travel expenses of one person (2 days 1 night) from Dhaka


1.From Dhaka to Bandarban (Bus fare)1000 – 1400 Tk.
2.Shoilo Propat bus fare from Bandarban 50 – 100 Tk.
3.Rent of a guest house (one night) 350 to 3200 Tk.
4.Two-time Breakfast 350 – 550 Tk.
5.Two-time Lunch 500 – 650 Tk.
6.Two-time Dinner 500 – 650 Tk.
7.Necessary items Buy for 200 Tk.
8.Buy something for your family 2500 Tk (Optional).

Total Cost: 2950 to 6750 + 2500 Tk (Optional) = 5450 to 9250Tk.


Last line for its excellent waterfalls

Shoilo Propat is an ideal place to travel with family and friends. It’s best for a short time tour. I can say for sure that your interest in traveling to has increased after reading this article.

If you want to visit, Then you need to read the article again and gather the necessary information. If you want to know any special information, you can let us know by commenting. We best to reply to your comments.


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