Sajek valley in Bangladesh amazing like Paradise of nature

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Visit Bangladesh to see the immense beauty of nature. Sajek Valley in Bangladesh is one of the most tourist attractions in this country. Let’s get through the article to find mesmerizing beauty of the Sajek valley.

Bangladesh is a plain riverine country. For this, there are few hills to see. Most of the mountains are in Chittagong Hill tracts, Mymensingh and Sylhet. These places are famous for many hills and mountains.

All the mountains and hills feature unique beauties to see. They will present numerous attractions to inspire you to visit them. No mountain is inferior to others according to its beauties.

At present, Sajek Valley is attracting more tourists for its emerging beauty of nature. You will feel like staying in paradise after visiting the place.

On the way, come across the Mayni range, Mayni River, and Kasalong River.  They feel the harmony of the blue and green with perfect melody.

If you want to visit Sajek, you will have to go to khagrachari, first. It is one of the districts of Chittagong Hill tracts and another tourist’s attractive place in Bangladesh. Now, read through the writings to know how you will reach the Sajek Valley in Bangladesh.


Sajek Valley in Bangladesh| An unbounded beauty of nature

Start your journey to Sajek Valley in Bangladesh on the road to high hills and waterfalls. On the way to the valley is an additional attraction for you to enjoy the roadside view of amazing high hills with green beauties.

We will now discuss this wonderful Sajek Valley. This one is the new fantastic attraction of the country.


Why do people visit the beautiful Sajek Valley in Bangladesh

Sajek valley in Bangladesh, Sajak Valley, Sajak, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn
Beautiful Sajek Valley

Sajek valley is an excellent place for nature lovers and also explorers. You know the name Sajek River represents the name Sajek valley, which originated from River Karnaphuli. This River flows as the border of India and Bangladesh.

Find the valley at Sajek union in Baghaichari Upazila. It is one of the largest and most famous unions in Bangladesh. This Upazila is in the Rangamati district.

The valley has different names. It is famous by the name Queen of Hills or Roof of Rangamati. Go 450 meters above normal sea level to find it.

The place is 42 miles (67 km) northeast of Khagrachari. Also, 59 miles (95 km) north of Rangamati district. You will see the border of Mizoram and Bangladesh, 8 kilometers far from Sajek. Find it on the east side of the Sajek.

Now visit the Sajek valley to enjoy its mind-blowing beauty. No one can deny the charming beauty after seeing the place.  If you like adventure, you must visit Sajek.

Feel very close on the way to the spot by ups and downs of the mountain street. And enjoy the romantic journey on the hilly roads. Spiral roads are looking like a big snake in the movie.

Sajek is a spot where you can travel in any season of Bangladesh. It won’t disappoint you in any season. But, in the rainy season, it looks like a new bride.

It finds a lot of tourist attractions at this time. Clouds come and touch the mountain. This one is the fantastic, unforgettable scene in Sajek valley.

This place was unexplored for many years. Now, it attracts tourists and visitors. Day by day, the popularity is increasing. For this, people pay a visit to Sajek valley to make their holiday valuable.

Kachalong and Machalong are the famous rivers flowing through the Sajek. It creates from the hills where many more small rivers flow.

Sajek valley in Bangladesh, Sajak Valley, Sajak, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn

Sajek is a place surrounded by dense forest and mountains. You will also see vast green grassland hill tracks after coming here. Full of natural wonders are waiting to meet with you.

Sudden rainfall and wet afternoons in this area make unforgettable moments in life. The place is located at the top of the mountain peak.

So, clouds touch the mountains all the time and go away. Feel paradise to see this hide and seek playing of clouds in the valley. You can touch the clouds too, which gives you a fantastic feeling.

This is the place of the top hill where you can see the valley. Tourists travel there more than before. Currently, the Government Army developed security and roads for safe tourism. It has increased visitors to this area.

Enjoy the morning clouds and colorful sky of this area. Don’t miss seeing the sunrise from the valley. It is the main attraction of this place. Sunset scenery is also wonderful to enjoy.

Make it your perfect destination to visit on holiday. You will get serene and calm beauty with utmost mental peace from here. If you are a rain lover, come in the monsoon.

Enjoy the high hill raindrops that give you heavenly peace of mind. Trees and plants of the valley become greener in this season. Enjoy yourself in the middle of vast green here.

Every moment in the valley, enjoy like a sweet dream. Sun is trickling in the cloudy morning and yellow sunset; all things are lovely to see. The night also comes full of stars in the sky. Many arrange barbeque parties in the open sky at night to enjoy the time.

Local fruits are available here. Among them, banana and orange thrives are plenty in growth. Every morning, fruit and vegetable picking is the familiar picture in this valley area.

This place is the dreamland for photographers. They can pick huge pictures according to their thirst for unique photos. Here, they love to catch many photos in the same frame. The green landscape, golden sunrise, and sunset, hill touch rainbow all make them crazy to click pictures.


Visiting near the Sajek Valley in Bangladesh

Sajek valley in Bangladesh, Sajak Valley, Sajak, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn

Sajek valley is a wonderful place for friends and family tours. Earlier, it was unknown to all. Now, it has become well known in a short time to the tourists.

The place allures you full of enjoyment in lush green nature. Try to stay two or more nights to get great pleasure from the site. Now, visit the places near this basin after coming here.


  • Konglapara:

Stay in a cottage after coming to Sajek. There are many small cottages for accommodation. After sunrise, start your journey to Konglapara. Konglapara is a village in Sajek valley.  It is the living place of local folks, mainly Lushai tribes.

You can start your journey on foot. The best time to go there is morning or evening. You are able to enjoy the immense beauty of nature. Come to Ruilipara to begin your journey to Konglapara. Then, you will have to walk on a mud path.

The village is on the hill peak. So, climb up to the hilly road to reach the village. You can take the help of a bamboo stick to walk on the hilly road. Collect bamboo sticks from the foothill. Local people sell it for 10 to 15 taka. Use it as a hiking tool. It will take 30-50 minutes walking on Konglak hill.

You may feel hungry and tired to reach there. There are some shops that have local foods. So, take some rest after going on the hill. Now, visit the whole village to see. Enjoy the quiet rural life of the village.

This one is the high peak village in Sajek valley, 1800 feet high from the average sea level. You can see a nice view of Sajek valley from here. Feel clouds near your legs staying on this Konglapara hill.

One can see mountain ranges, clouds, and India’s small view during trekking on the hills. Delicious bananas and papayas are available here. Have some at a low price. Orange gardens are another remarkable place to see.

You will know the local people’s lifestyle and see the hilly nature. You will find few resorts here where one can stay if she wants. Be careful of downward roads when you go back. You may sleep any time unconsciously.

On the way, you can visit Runmoy resort at Dinginala. Go to the arrow point of this resort. The surroundings are wonderful here. There are some small viewpoints to see the hills. But, you have to pay for it.


  • Konglak waterfall:

Many tourists do not know that there is a lovely waterfall called Konglak Jhorna. It has various names, such as Pidam Toisa Fall, Konglak waterfall, and Sikam Toisha Fall.

You have to cross a hilly road between Ruilipara to Helipad road. This steep road takes you to this nice waterfall. It is hard to reach the place by passing through an 80-85 degree vertical hill tour.

Anyway, walk for around 50 minutes to reach Pidam Trisha Fall.  It is better to avoid this waterfall for children, beginners, and overweight people. But, if you are an adventure lover and like hiking, you must go there.

Take the challenge of hiking and explore this beautiful new area of Sajek. Gather experience of discovering waterfalls under deep forest and enjoy the secret beauty of the place.


  • The sunset view from Helipad:

This Helipad is most famous for its sunset view. After entering Sajek at 3 pm, first, go to Helipad. You must enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset here. This is a relaxing time, and you will see many visitors walking and gossiping.

Some tourists you will see are taking photos and enjoying the natural beauty. You can stay there more times after sunset. The place is incredible for enjoying loud singing for a group tour in the evening. The couples or friends can also enjoy the area by sitting at the edge of the mountain.


  • Roaming on Day time:

The valley roads are very well-structured and comfortable for roaming. One can find resorts and hotels on both sides of the road. Besides, you will see some tea stalls, people taking rest, and collecting water from fountains and rivers. Enjoy the day environment roaming around the Sajek valley.


How you will go to Sajek Valley in Bangladesh:

Sajek valley in Bangladesh, Sajek Valley, Sajek

If you make a tour to Sajek, you will first book a ticket from Dhaka to Khagrachari. Many A/C or Non-A/c buses are available from different points of Dhaka city. Though the place is under Rangamati district, it is easy to move to Dighinala of Khagrachari.

From Khagrachari, hire a Jeep which goes to Sajek valley.  Local people call it Chander Gari. Its fare is considerably high for a person. Remember, please, it is good to travel the valley in groups. It will save you money.

Anyway, one can go from Chittagong to Khagrachari for Sajek. It takes 4 to 5 hours to Khagrachari. Also, both buses and launches are available from Rangamati to direct Baghaichari. From there, you can go by motorcycle, Chander gari or jeep to reach the destination.

Keep in mind that one needs Army permission to go to the Sajek Valley. You can enter the place two times a day-10.30 am and 3.30 pm. If you miss the second one, you have to wait for the next day.


FAQ: For Sajek valley in Bangladesh

This enchanting valley is in Bangladesh. You will have to go to Rangamati in Chittagong Division. Sajek Valley is under the Sajek union at Baghaichari Upazila, Rangamati district.

Yes, it is safe. There is an army camp to manage the security of that place. So, no need to worry about safety.

Sajek Valley promises to offer many attractions to the tourists. Among them, touching white cotton clouds from very close is the first attraction of this place.

Yes, you will get many cars, buses from Khagrachari to Dhaka. One can also reserve cars with return facilities.


Get the valley combination of manmade architectures and natural beauty. One should visit at least one time in life to see the Sajek Valley in Bangladesh.

Wavy roads, high hills, green landscapes are all amazing to observe in this place. There are many hotels and resorts to stay in this place. Indigenous cottages are available here. If you want to stay at a cheap rate, these cottages are perfect for you.

Besides, ensure your room booking before visiting the valley. It will provide you a hassle-free tour. Another thing to remember, take a torch or power bank with you. There is no electricity facility without solar charging.

Anyway, mobile networks are available now. So, feel free to move here and enjoy the fantastic beauty of the natural environment.

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