Rajshahi division is the best amazing Bangladesh city

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Have you made up your mind to visit Rajshahi? So, come across this document. It will provide you complete guidance to that city. You will get sufficient knowledge from here before going there.

Anyway, Rajshahi, with a dry climate and tropical wet, is one of Bangladesh‘s oldest divisions. It keeps the third position as a divisional city. You will visit the greenest and cleanest city in Bangladesh.

Today the city is a major educational, cultural, administrative, and business hub in Bangladesh. In history, it is important for silk production. This region is also popular for its mango, litchi, and sweets.

This place is a fantastic place for tourists also. Many tourists visit here to enjoy historical and natural attractions. No one becomes disappointed by the beauty of this city.

So, learn all about things in this city to avoid any unusual situation. This piece of document will help you to be familiar with this Division.


Rajshahi| Visit the famous silk city

I am sure you will not go anyplace living dark about that. So, make a trip to the Rajshahi Division after reading this important article. We have extracted here all the necessary things that you need to visit the place.

History: Old famous city

Rajshahi is a city adorned with ancient traditions. The area was famous in ancient Bengal for a long time. So, learn the part of the Pundra Empire of ancient Bengal. Vijoy Sen made his capital just 9 km far from the present Rajshahi.

The local public called it Rampur Baolia in the middle ages. Still, you will find a thana named Baolia as a symbol of the past. Even, Baolia was the name of this city at the time of British rule.

Land: Place on the bank of Padma

Rajshahi is the Division of northwest Bengal. Find it reclines on the loamy plains of the upper Padma. River Padma flows through the south of the town. It is also very close to the border with West Bengal, a state in India.

Paba Upazila, a district subdivision, surrounds the city on the north, east, and west. It has two satellite towns- Naohata and Kathakali.

Plant and Animal: Natural background of the town

The forest land in Bangladesh is 2.25 million ha. Every year it declines by 2.1% more than three decades. Bangladesh state-owned forest has three zones:

  • Hill forests
  • Inland forest
  • Littoral forest

Rajshahi occupies the category of Inland forests. It has a large part of Sal forests. Among all divisions, it is the greenest and clean city in Bangladesh.

Everyone knows this city is famous for mango and litchi gardens. The country’s demand for mangoes fulfills form in this region. You also find many palm trees here. Range of palm trees beside roads look fantastic.

This Division produces many crops that are-potato, rice, wheat, carrot, etc. People know Naogaon as a storehouse of the country. Buy some palm molasses from here. The city is famous for it all over the country. It decreases dependency on sugar. Date tree is another notable plant of Bangladesh Rajshahi.

For the vast areas of green trees and plants, Rajshahi city is the home of many animals. Monkeys, snakes, butterflies, deer are noteworthy.  Different species of birds are also available here.

People: The measurement of population

Meet with the happiest people of Bangladesh. The World Happiness Survey declared Rajshahi as the happiest city in the globe in 2006.

The total number of people in the metro area are 90800 in 2020. It has increased by 1.68% from 2019. Most of the people do agricultural work.

Ethnic Groups: The indigenous people of the city

Bangladesh is the home of many ethnic groups. Santal is the main tribe in this northwest part of Bangladesh. These ethnic people are the largest and ancient in this region. Meet them in large in Naogaon district of this Rajshahi Division.

Santal tribes live a plain, simple, and carefree life. Their dresses are also simple. Panchi, matha, and panchayat are typical Santal dresses. Women like to wear ornaments. They make themselves beautiful by using flowers on heads or hair buns.

Amazing to hear the young girls are beauty conscious by nature. Both Santal men and women like to use tattoos on their bodies.

The Santal make their houses with mud. But, happy to see that all houses are neat and clean. The design of the houses is unique in style. Most of them have no windows with low and small doors. They don’t use furniture.

Santal people live on agriculture. Rice, fish, and vegetables are their principal food. Eat their favorite Nalita dish if you visit them. This one is delicious to eat.

Language: The city’s conversational system

Bengali is the major and state language of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is one of the cities in Bangladesh. So, all inhabitants of this city speak in Bengali. It is their state-owned and official used language.

More to know, there has another language called ‘Varendra.’ Varendra is a Bengali dialect. People of the Varendra region speak this language. North Bengal people talk to the Varendra language. It also influences Bihari and Maithali language.

Tribal people of this division use both Bengali and their own dialect.  You can communicate with them because they are fluent Bengali speakers. Some minority people here are Urdu speaking.


Bangladesh is a Muslim dominated country. Rajshahi city is not behind it. Majority of the natives are followers to the Islam. Some Santal ethnics are followers of animism. The second-largest religion of this Division is Hinduism. Then, Buddhism, Christianity come one by one.

The religious percentages of the total people are:

  • Islam- 92.90%
  • Hindus-6.20%%
  • Buddhism-36%
  • Christian-0.01%
  • Other-53%

Demographic trends:

The demographic trend is a popular term for a country or a community. It means the measurement of population changes over time. Demographic is statistical data of socio-economic information of an area. Ti includes:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • Employment and more factors.

In Rajshahi Division, the total inhabitants are 18484858 according to the census of 2011. 995 people live per square kilometer. The current inhabitants of the metro area is 908000. It was 893000 in 2018. The present growth rate is 1.63%.

Rajshahi district consists of 2286874 in census 2001. According to this census, males are 1184448, and females are 1102426. It has a 99.50% literacy rate where the male is 99.6% and the female is 99.33%.


Do you think about the transport of Rajshahi city? No tension! N6 national highway connects the city with other parts of Bangladesh.

Anyway, people use auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws as the primary mode of transport. You will get a few horse driven carts within the city. Buses, minibusses, and a rental car are available in the metro area. Ridesharing services are also in your hand as intercity transport.

There are three ways to move to other cities in Bangladesh.

Road transport:

Rajshahi city has two intercity bus terminals. Buses with modern facilities are available from Dhaka to this divisional city. One can go to other cities by bus within this Division.


Here you will find an advanced railway service. For this cheap rate, most of the people like to travel by train. Bangladesh Railway operates four intercity rail services are:

  • Silk City Express
  • Padma Express
  • Dhumketu Express
  • Bonolota Express

Travel by inter-city, local train, and mail from divisional city to Khulna and other country areas.


Do you feel trouble to journey by train or bus? There is air transport for your convenience.

There is an airport named Shah Makhdum Airport. It is the only airport, situated in Nowata town of the city. Government, as well as private airlines, operates regular domestic flights to the town from Dhaka.


Government and Society: Central political structure

The most important Division of Bangladesh, Rajshahi, has eight districts, 70 thanas, and 1092 unions. The metropolitan city has one mayor and 30 ward commissioners. Both of them come for five years by direct votes.

The city Metropolitan police manage law and order along with traffic movement. Rajshahi WASA maintains the water supply and drainage system within the town area.


Constitutional framework: Basic jobs of the Government

The constitutional framework needs to conserve the rights of the inhabitants. People of a particular area select the structure of the constitution. It works for them. It ensures the essential, political, and civil rights of the civics.

Mayor is the head of Rajshahi City Corporation. He is the main of the Government’s constitutional framework. Mayor allots the power to the various parts of the Government.

This framework strictly maintains equal rights and equality to the dwellers of this Division. The two parts of the constitution are:

  • City Corporation
  • Local Government

Local Government: Local political approach

Local Government is an independent structure of the Government. It works to provide local facilities to the citizens.

Rajshahi Division consists of one City Corporation, eight districts with 70 Upazilas. There are 1092 unions under those Upazilas.

Rajshahi City Corporation has 30 wards and four thanas. The ward commissioners and the ward councilors work as local Governments. The principal functions of the local Government are:

  • Health management
  • Tax department
  • Public maintenance
  • Wast collection
  • Social service
  • Local laws
  • Roads and bridges repairing.

Justice: The legal part of the city

To get justice is the basic right of the people. You should have a proper idea about justice before visiting a place. So, you can handle any unexpected situation.

In Rajshahi, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate works with the Metropolitan Police Commission on this matter. Both of them ensure laws and order to the citizens of that area. They work under the home ministry of the central Government.

District Judges and Metropolitan Magistrate are responsible for the legal action to criminal offenses. Rajshahi Metropolitan Police controls all laws and orders, and traffic movements in the city.

Health and welfare: Health care facilities of the city

The health facility of Rajshahi city is up to the mark. There are many Government, NGO, and private hospitals for people.

RMCH (Rajshahi Medical College Hospital) is a higher-level public hospital. It has some private medical colleges also.

The notable hospitals in this area are:

  • Christian Missionary Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Chest Hospital
  • District Hospital

Education: The city learning programs

You will see many Government as well as private educational institutions in this area. Bangladesh’s third ancient college is present here. The first one is Dhaka College, and the second one is Chittagong College. Rajshahi University is one of the largest and prime universities in Bangladesh.

Here are some lists of major learning institutes:

  • Rajshahi Cantt. Public School and College
  • Barind Medical College
  • Islami Bank Medical College
  • Mahanagar College
  • Shah Mokhdum College
  • Varendra University
  • Silk Research and Training Institute etc.

Cultural life: Living activities of the people

Culture is the core part of the life of people in this Division. Inhabitants of this region celebrate all Bangali cultural festivals. Enjoy Pohela Baishak, Pohela Falgun in a grand manner with them. See, they celebrate all the religious festivals also. Tribes celebrate many cultural activities all year-round.

Visit the famous Barendra Museum located in this place. The presentation of the local sculpture will attract you more.

Find transmission centers of Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Radio here. You can see four press clubs and some local  FM Radio station.

The city publishes a large number of Bengali newspapers.  Some of them are:

  • Sonali Sinbad
  • Sunshine
  • Dainik Barta Sonar Desh, etc.

The city is home to many sports. Football, Hockey, Cricket are famous games in this area.

It has three National Standard Stadium that includes-

  • Rajshahi District Stadium
  • Rajshahi University Stadium
  • Shaheed Quamaruzzaman Stadium

Daily life and social custom: Every day works of the people

You know people of this Division lead a simple life. They start their life every day early in the morning. Inhabitants become busy with the sunrise to do their daily works.

This region is on the bank of the Padma river. So, it gathers alluvial soil. That is perfect for agriculture. For this, most of the people are dependent on farming.

The ethnic community also lives a very simple and easy life. Amazing to see that they live in a muddy house. You will see gardens in the open spaces of all homes.

Anyway, the people of this area are active. Most of them earn money by selling mangoes, litchis, sugarcane, etc. Rajshahi silk is another important material in this region. Get some people related to the silk industry.


The silk city Rajshahi has a rich historical background and places inbounded with natural beauty. You can obviously make a tour of this city.

Puthia Temple Complex:

Visit the silk city and explore Hindu structures in Puthia.  Puthia is rich in culture from ancient times. There is a significant number of Hindu structures in this Upazila. This place is a reflection of the history and culture of Bangladesh. So, pay a visit and learn about the country.

More to explain, at the end of the 16th century, Mughal appointed Pitamber as a landlord of Laskarpur. He, the founder of the Puthia royal family, made it his capital. Later, his brother Nilamber became the king of that area. He built many temples around the big pond in that place.

Anyway, now it has become a great tourist place in this Division. You have to go 23 km to the east from the main city.

Natore Royal Palace:

If you go to Rajshahi, make a trip to Natore Royal Palace. It is the palace of the early 1700S. Notre Raj used it as his zamindari headquarters. Go to nature, the district of Rajshahi Division, to see the beauty of their royal palace.

This palace has several houses.  Some are intact like before, and a few of them ruined. This Roman-style palace was the residence of the Rajshahi Raj family.

Rani Bhabani was the famous queen of this palace. She extended the area of the palace after her husband’s death.

Choto Sona Mosque:

The Golden color indicates the formation of the mosque. See 50 domes here. Each dome was adorned with precious things. It is the mosque during the time of Sultan Hussain Shah. Know the establishment time of this mosque is from 1493-1519.

You will see the picture of this mosque on a Bangladeshi 20 taka note. You can reach here by rickshaw from Chapai Nawabganj district.

Mohasthangarh, Bogura:

It is an archaeological site of Buddhists. Reveal ancient Bangladesh to visit this place. Mahasthangarh promotes the establishment of the 3rd century BC.

Anyway, here is a small museum to enjoy. Still, a few architects stand tall among all ruins. Yet these relics attract all, and the local environment is also peaceful.

Mahasthangarh is the earliest symbol of urbanization in old Bengal.


There is much exciting structure inside the fort, such as-

  • Bairagir Bhita
  • Khobar Pathar Bhita
  • Munir Ghor
  • Jiat Kunda
  • Parasuramer Basghira

Here is a motel for tourists to stay. So, don’t think much and pay a visit.

Varendra Research Museum:

This museum is a research center, well maintained by Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. The oldest museum in Asia, it was the first museum in East Bengal. Now, it becomes the most tourist attraction, situated in the core of Rajshahi.

Manage enough time to see the glorious galleries of sculptures. The galleries are full of many collections of Hindu Goddesses and Islamic artifacts.

Bottom line:

India-Bangladesh border city Rajshahi is an important place for visitors. It occupies its fame as an administrative, business, educational and cultural center. This city was also famous for being in many capitals of ancient Bengal.

The region is also famous for trading. Here, you can get pure silk, mangoes, litchis at a cheap rate. Many ancient mosques, temples, shrines are scattering in and out of the city.

Last of all, now you can visit the place in your familiar city. So, pick this area as your prime choice and make a tour plan.

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