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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

You may want to know about the national emblem of Bangladesh. This article is good enough to help you. You will get a deep knowledge of the topic from here.

Must know, many countries bear the national symbol. They take it as a state. It uses this blazon to represent itself before the world. Bangladesh is not different from them.

This national symbol is like the mirror of a country. Do you learn about a state? First, learn about its domestic symbol. You will get an initial idea from it.

So it is promising to know about an emblem.  Bangladesh also has its badge. Get a clear picture of Bangladesh to see it. The country used different shaped emblems at different times before victory in 1971.

Yet, you want to learn more! Don’t ponder much. Now, start reading this topic and know the emblem.


National Emblem of Bangladesh

It is a special visual part of a government. There are many symbols that countries use. It reflects the country’s history and cultural life.

So, learn topic related subjects first. Then go to the main point.


National Symbols of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh has many official signs to use as National Symbols. They represent the traditional aspects and ideals of the country. This country includes other symbols like national bird, tree, flower, and animal. Some notable signs among them are:

  • National flag
  • National Emblem
  • Anthem
  • Government seal
  • National monument and memorials.
  • National heroes, etc.


Background history of Bangladesh

This country preserves a glorious history of settlement. The country passed many ups and downs in the past. Then it gets this present structure.

Before independence, this region was under different rules. At that time, the national badge was also different.  East Bengal was an Indian region for many centuries. Indian rulers ruled it from Maurya to the Mughal Empire.

In 1858, this region went under British control till 1947. British used an emblem named Seal of Bengal presidency. It had a picture of a tiger. Below the tiger, there was a picture of a floating British Ship.

During partition in 1947, East Bengal became part of Pakistan. It got the new name East Pakistan.

West Pakistan ruled both countries. It was the head of the Government. Get another emblem of Pakistan. This included the name ‘Pakistan Government’.

Again, you will find another change in this emblem. The Government of East Pakistan replaced the name “Pakistan Government.” It continued till 1971.

Anyway, West Pakistan was different from Bengal in many ways. First, there were far distances between the two countries. Second, West Pakistanis were Pashtun and Punjabi.

Otherwise, East Pakistanis were Bengalis. The language was also different from each other. One thing that matched was religion. So, conflict grew day by day.

Moreover, East Pakistan had to face political and financial neglect from that ruler. It expanded for 24 years. Political unrest increased. West Pakistan overthrew Bengal’s secularism, socialism, and democracy of East Pakistan.

East Pakistan struggled for repeated martial laws until 1971. At last, Bengali leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence on 26 March 1971.

The Pakistani Army tried to stop that struggle. Bengalis fought for nine months. Find India as a supportive country during the liberation war.

To the last, East Pakistan got independence on 16 December. On 11 January, it found its parliamentary democracy in 1972. The country formed with the hope of 1972 nationalism, secularism, and socialism.

In that year, the region formed a new constitution of Bangladesh. Sheikh Mujib was the head of the constitution. Again, the country designed its new national emblem just after independence.


Detail picture of Emblem of Bangladesh:

Many countries use governmental symbols. But, these symbols are not compulsory for all states. Flags can represent a country. The emblem is a stamp or seal of a country. The nation uses it for the unique purpose of domestic interests. The state reserves it for official use. The state can use anything as a national badge. Some common symbols are animals, birds, flowers, etc.

It is a symbolic device or object as a distinctive sign of a nation. The emblem of a country reflects constitutional philosophy. It also represents the mark of authority.

The emblem represents particular characteristics of this region. No country can use other’s national emblems.  So, the emblem of Bangladesh is exclusive in its structure and design.

Many regions in this world choose the badge with national flags. Though it is not obligatory, they do so. Bangladesh is the same. It has both a flag and an emblem.

Bangladesh is a country of plain land bordered on two sides with India. The small part of the southeastern side has Myanmar.

It is a country of many rivers. See, rivers that run over most parts of the region. They make webs together throughout this province. Many famous rivers run through Bangladesh.

Every year, land collects huge alluvial soil from rivers. Here, the majority of people have a relationship with farming. Deposit of silt inspires them to cultivate the land. Paddy is the main agriculture of that nation.

Without rivers, many ponds, lakes, canals are scattering here and there.  Enjoy full blossom waterlily all water bodies of the region. You may think lily is the country only flower. And your conception is right. The water lily is the dominating flower of this country.

Know about one important cash crop of Bangladesh. Jute is the prime cash crop of this region. So, the state earns a lot of foreign exchange from it. Jute grows well here for its fertile land.

At last, we have a beautiful portrait of Bangladesh above here. But you will get all these things at a glance. Look at the national emblem. Get the true identity of the country.


Structure of National emblem of Bangladesh:

Every country carries the unique formation of the emblem. Never find match one with others. Bangladesh also has a unique shaped symbol.

Mohammad Idris designed the emblem of this. He was a famous artist of Bangladesh observer. The country took up the design in 1972. Anyway, it was after a short distance of independence.

The whole design includes water lily, rice sheaves, jute leaves, and four stars. You know, rivers are the gift of nature for this country. The world knows it as a famous area of rice. You see, the water lily is in the center of the badge. It is the national flower of this region. Lilly is floating on water, located on two sides by rice sheaves. Being a riverine area, it produces more rice only for being a riverine area.  Rice ensures its presence as the staple of people.

Waterlily with rice represents of the many rivers. It has three jute leaves above. Take rice here as the staple food of Bangladesh. This province is the treasure of rice. So, rice represents its presence in the symbol. Jute leaves and rice symbolizes the agronomic wealth of the race.

There above Lilly are four stars. Get these four stars on both sides of the jute leaves. Each of the two sides contains two stars. The stars represent the four basic principles of the constitution of 1972. Those are:

  • Nationalism
  • Secularism
  • Socialism
  • Democracy


Importance of National Emblem of Bangladesh:

The emblem represents the republic to the world. People can get an idea of a region from it. Nation use it very sincerely. They respect this sign. It represents the symbolic picture of the area.

The state uses this symbol from ancient times. So, it becomes a valuable part of the Government. Independent Bangladesh started to use it from the beginning of the constitution. For this, the Government takes it with respect.

The design of the emblem is suitable for this area. People of the outside world can identify Bangladesh as an agricultural province. Bangladeshi emblem personifies the country to others.

So, it bears countless importance for Bangladesh.


Use of National Emblem:

The Government restricts the use of it. General people cannot use it without permission. The Government has prohibited any unauthorized organization from using it by law. Some notable uses of this symbol are:

  • Presidential Seal
  • Seal of Prime Minister
  • Coat of arms
  • On Bangladeshi Coin
  • Bangladeshi Passport
  • Government Stamp
  • Official documents


FAQ For National emblem of Bangladesh

Mohammad Idris, the famous artist, sketched it.

No, a Private Company cannot use this symbol without valid reasons.

It has a significant role in any country. It is the symbolic vision of a region.

Its name is water lily. The location of the water lily is in the center with three joint jute leaves.

National symbols stand for the patriotic sign. They represent a country and its nation.


The last line National emblem of Bangladesh

National Symbols represent the patriotism of a country. The state honors the symbol very much.  For this, the Government makes its use restricted.

National Emblem of Bangladesh is one of the important symbols of this region. You see many things located on the emblem. This one is like the mirror of Bangladesh. Find the portrait of agriculture, cultural, and economic picture from here.

In the end, we are able to gather knowledge about the emblem of Bangladesh. Then, go through the context and learn more.

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