Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh is a max great adventure trip

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

Do you like adventure travel? Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh travel will be great for you.

Nafakhum is the word of a marma tribe. This wonderful word can be divided into two parts, Nafa and Khum. According to the Marma tribes, Nafa means fish and Khum is the waterfall. There is a legend that the extraordinary Nafakhum waterfall was full of fish. The great name Nafakhum came from there.

You will not find anyone who is not fascinated by the Nafakhum waterfall. I promise you will be impressed by its extraordinary form. Bathing in the clear waters of this natural waterfall, and the environment around it you will never forget.

If you want to visit Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh, you have to come to Bandarban, the queen of beauty. The great natural environment on the way to Nafakhum will make your trip more exciting. Especially the Zigzag hilly roads, the Sangu river, the excellent life of the tribes.

To visit this remarkable natural waterfall, need to know some very important information. From this article, will find all the important necessary info about Nafakhum Travel. Read the whole article and start the journey to the amazing Nafakhum waterfall

Nafakhum waterfall location of Bangladesh amazing Bandarban

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Nafakhum location

Extraord beautiful Nafakhum waterfall is located in Bandarban District, Bangladesh. Its actual location is Remakri Union in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district.

Geographic located this beautiful waterfall

  • East: Myanmar,
  • West: Alikadam Upazila Bandarban Bangladesh,
  • North: Thanchi Sadar Bandarban Bangladesh,
  • South: Myanmar,

The distance of this extraordinary Nafakhum waterfall from different parts of Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka to: 415.9 KM,
  • Chittagong to: 170.6 KM,
  • Sylhet to: 516.9 KM,
  • Mymensingh to: 502.9 KM,
  • Rajshahi to: 636.9 KM,
  • Rangpur to: 690.9 KM,
  • Barisal to: 410.1 KM,
  • Khulna to: 519.9 KM,
  • Bandarban to: 96.9 KM,


Nafakhum waterfall map satellite

Nafakhum waterfall, Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh, Nafakhum, all Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel, Bangladeshn

The location of this beautiful Nafakhum waterfall is very clear from the satellite. By looking at the satellite map you can get a good idea about its location.


Nafakhum waterfall tour plan best in Bandarban Bangladesh

Nafakhum waterfall, Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh, Nafakhum, all Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel, Bangladeshn

It is very important to plan before traveling anywhere. To make the Nafakhum waterfall trip wonderful, you need to make some important plans.

If you want to camp in this amazing waterfall place then you have to take some things with you in advance. Such as tents, cooking utensils, some extra clothing, first aid, etc.

You have to be present in Bandarban very early in the morning to see this excellent waterfall from anywhere in Bangladesh. If you travel by bus from Dhaka, you must get on the bus in the evening so that you can reach Bandarban early in the morning.

The beauty of Bandarban city will fascinate you, have breakfast here. Start the journey from Bandarban to Thanchi soon. Very early exit from Bandarban Because, have to get permission from the Thanchi Bazar BGB camp to go to Remakri by 3 pm.

Buy the necessary things and dry food from Thanchi, and get ready for a very exciting and extraordinary length boat trip. The beautiful Sangu River flows past Thanchi Bazaar, from here you have to go to Remakri by rented boat ride.

It will be an evening to go to Remakri from Thanchi, at night you will have to stay in this great place inhabited by tribals. After waking up in the morning and eating, you have to go to the desired amazing Nafakhum waterfall. You have to walk from Remakri to see this marvelous waterfall.

Some notices for the awesome Nafakhum tour

1.Mobile networks are a little less available in this wonderful place.
2.This place is very good to keep dry food and necessary medicine travel time.
3.Keep a copy of your national identity card or birth certificate with you.
4.This is an exciting adventure trip so children, the elderly, the sick and the pregnant ones should avoid this trip.
5.If you are a foreign traveler, keep your passport and necessary documents with you while traveling to this beautiful place.


Best time to visit Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh

You can go any time of the year to see the magnificent Nafakhum waterfall. Its unique beauty will always fascinate you. So no matter what time of year you see it, its beauty will attract you so much that you will never forget it. You can choose certain times of the year for the convenience of traveling to see this beautiful waterfall.

Doing your nice trip in the winter can reduce the joy a bit. Keep in mind that the water in the Sangu River decreases in winter and there is some disruption in boating.

If you travel in the rainy season it is good to know how to swim. In the rainy season, the amount of water and current in the river is very high.

According to travelers, the best time to visit this beautiful waterfall is at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter. The best time to travel is from September to December according to the English month.


How to go of beautiful Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh

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The current transport system in Bangladesh is very good. Good transportation has made it very easy and enjoyable to travel to any part of Bangladesh. You can use different types of vehicles to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Can use different types of vehicles to make the Nafakhum waterfall trip enjoyable. Some vehicles may be mentioned, such as private cars, buses, moon cars, trains, planes.

If you are a foreign traveler then you have to use Dhaka or Chittagong Airport for an excellent tour.

The details are described below to make your trip easier, more enjoyable, and exciting.


Dhaka to Bandarban Nafakhum waterfall tour

To reach Bandarban direct from Dhaka you will get very high-quality AC and non-AC buses. Buses to Bandarban are available from Motijheel, Gulistan, Sayedabad, Jatrabari areas of Dhaka.

Some very important information about going to Bandarban from Dhaka

1.Distance from Dhaka to Bandarban 319 KM,
2.It takes 7.5 – 8.5 hours to go from Dhaka to Bandarban,
3.AC bus fare is Tk 900 – 1500 per person and non-AC bus fare is Tk 500 – 700 per person for excellent travel

If you want to go by plane or train from Dhaka, you have to go first to Chittagong and then to Bandarban. For this excellent and best trip, you have to pay Tk 300 – 1500 per person for the train and Tk 5000 – 8000 per plane.

You have to take a bus from Chittagong to BandarbanThe fare will be 200 – 250 Tk. On the way to Bandarban, you will be fascinated by the hilly roads and the amazing natural environment.

Chittagong to Bandarban Nafakhum waterfall tour

The road from Chittagong to Bandarban is very beautiful. Every traveler is excited to see the natural environment and the hilly zigzag road. From Chittagong, you can go to this wonderful place by bus and private car.

The distance from Chittagong to Bandarban is 73.7 kilometers and time needs 2.5 – 3 hr. You will have to pay Tk 200-250 per person for bus fare from Chittagong and Tk 2800-3200 per person for private car travel.

Bandarban to Thanchi Nafakhum waterfall tour

Traveling from Bandarban to Thanchi is always exciting. When you travel from Bandarban to Thanchi, you are so fascinated that you think you will come here again.
From the Bandarban to Thanchi this wonderful journey you can do by bus or moon car. It takes 2 hours 35 minutes to 3 hours, the distance from Bandarban to Thanchi is 79 km.
Bus fare is 200 to 220 Tk per person. Moon car rental is 5000 to 6000 Tk 14 to 15 people can travel in these great cars.

Thanchi to Remakri Nafakhum waterfall tour

The main and best adventure of the Nafakhum waterfall tour starts with Thanchi. Get permission to go to Remakri from Thanchi BGB camp, and hire an excellent speaking guide.
Remember that an excellent speaking guide can enhance the enjoyment of your trip. A sweet-speaking guide can be rented for between Tk 1000 to Tk 1500.
Rent a boat from the Sangu River to take in the excitement of the trip from Thanchi to Remakri. A good boat fare for coming and going is 4500 to 5500 Tk.
The distance from Thanchi to Remakri in this remarkable Nafakhum waterfall is 17.9 km. It will take 2.5 to 3 hours to go to Remakri, on the way you will be very happy to see the life of the hill tribes, the natural environment.
You have to stay the night in Remakri and set off for the magnificent Nafakhum waterfall in the morning. After two and a half to 3 hour walk from Remakri, you will see the beautiful Nafakhum waterfall.


While visiting Bandarban Nafakhum waterfall can you eat so special

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When you visit Nafakhum waterfall you can eat some wonderful food. I can say for sure that you have never eaten these amazing foods before, the taste of these foods will fascinate you.

Here you can eat some great Bengali, Western, and some tribes food. The foods very cheap but their quality is very good, you can eat these foods with confidence. We have described some excellent foods here, If you travel to Nafakhum, you must try to eat these foods.

Bengali food: Bangladesh is famous all over the world for its delicious food. Usually, all the nice food that you can eat while traveling to Nafakhum. Such as rice, fish, halal meat, vegetables, biryani, tikka kebab, jali kebab, halim, burhani, sweet curd, etc.

Western food: Especially in Bandarban and Thanchi, you will find some good western food restaurants. The food here tastes and quality great. Some of the best western dishes you’ll find here are burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, hot dog.

Tribes food: Tribes food will add to the joy of your Nafakhum waterfall Adventure Travel. Their food and all the wonderful ways of taking food will overwhelm you. Before eating tribal food, you must know about halal. Guisap, pork, snakes, mountain chicken, dried fish, mountain vegetables, zoom rice, etc. are some of the excellent main foods that you can eat.


Where will you stay when visiting Nafakhum Waterfall Bangladesh?

Nafakhum is the best place for adventurous travelers. You can also make your stay here adventurous if you want, you can stay in three ways like building hotels, aboriginal houses, and camps.

You will find some nice modern residential hotels in Bandarban and Thanchi. These hotels can be rented for 500 to 3000 Tk per night.

Remakri will get some tribe’s houses and guesthouses to stay in the nice natural environment. You will be thrilled to have the tribe’s houses here so beautiful. All these beautiful tribal houses can be rented for only 150 to 250 Tk per night.


Wonderful Nafakhum tour total cost in details

You can travel to this beautiful Nafakhum if you want, its travel cost is not high. Costs in Nafakhum are within the reach of people of all classes and professions, you can travel to Nafakhum if you want. Below we have discussed in great detail the cost of Nafakhum travel.

Two nights three days from Dhaka can be an excellent trip cost.

1.Go and come: Direct non-ac bus fare from Dhaka to Bandarban is 1000 to 1400 Tk.
2.Go and come: Thanchi bus fare from Bandarban 400 – 440 Tk.
3.Go and come: Per person boat fare from Thanchi to Remakri is 900 to 1100 Tk.
4.The rent of a guest house for two nights is 300 to 6000 Tk.
5.Breakfast three times 300 – 500 Tk.
6.Lunch three times 500 – 750 Tk.
7.Dinner three times 500 – 750 Tk.
8.Extra food 500 Tk.
9.Buy necessary items for 500 Tk.
10.Buy some gifts for the family on the way back from the travel 2500 Tk (Optional).

Total Cost: 4900 to 11940 + 2500 Tk (Optional) = 7400 to 14440 Tk.


FAQ: For Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh

The distance from Thanchi to Remakri in this remarkable Nafakhum waterfall is 17.9 km.

Of course, Nafakhum waterfall is safe to travel. For the safety of tourists, Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Border Guard are deployed here round the clock. You can take their help in any problem, Bangladesh Army is very professional and people friendly.


Last line for great Nafakhum Waterfall Bangladesh

This wonderful Nafakhum waterfall trip will fulfill your adventurous travel desire. Of course, I can promise you that at the end of the Nafakhum trip you will return home with some beautiful and exciting memories. The natural beauty of Nafakhum Falls will inspire you to come here again and again.

If you want to visit Nafakhum Falls then you have definitely made a good decision. Hope you will be satisfied to see Nafakhum, and thank God for creating this beautiful natural.

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