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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Do you want to know about Mymensingh? Or do you want to travel there? But you don’t know much about the city. This content is the right place for you.

Mymensingh city is the capital of the Mymensingh division. Find it located on the bank of the Brahmaputra River. This place remains on the north side of Bangladesh.

There are many historical and exciting places to visit in Mymensingh city. If you see this place, you will not get bored, trust me. After all, you need a lot of time to stay there.

Various types of local food you can taste here. These foods taste will make you greedy. Once you try this, I swear, you never forget the taste.

Anyway, the division is enough for your tour plan be succeed. You can spend your holiday or leisure time here. This place will provide you full of enjoyment.

So, why are you hesitating? After reading this article, make a plan to spend your holiday by Mymensingh tour.

Details about Mymensingh

If you stay with us then, you can gather knowledge and information about Mymensingh city. This content will help you to be familiar with this division before coming here.

Let’s go the details:

History| Full Of Historical Significance

In history, the East India Company acquired the city from the Mughal Emperor in 1765. At that time, its greater part became under the Sub-province of Dhaka.

The administrative headquarter called Mymensingh town is one of the 16th old districts of Bangladesh established on 1 May 1787. It has a rich cultural and political history.

During permanent settlement, it included Northwest Garo-Hills and the Brahmandaria. Both were Subdivisions of the present Comilla district.

Earlier, most of the inhabitants of the town were Hindus during the British time. From the beginning 20th century, Muslims came to settle into town. Since then, the city has played an essential role as a center of secularism.

In 1809, Patiladaha came to the district from Rangpur. In 1811 west Garo-Hills became under to Rangpur district. In 1812 Patiladaha transferred to Rangpur.

In 1875 the Brahmaputra made the boundary between Mymensingh and Rangpur. The part of the Patiladaha, east of the river transferred to this district from Rangpur. In 1877, the Jamuna River declared the boundary between Pabna and Mymensingh.

In 1947 many Hindu families left Bangladesh during the partition of India. Many people born and raised in Mymensingh have left for west Bengal since the 1960s. Indo-Pak war of 1965, the second spell of Exodus took place.

0n the 1 December 1969, Tangail subdivision became separated from this area. Then, in 1977 another new district formed, named Jamalpur.

In 1971 nine-month liberation war started. Pakistani occupation forces depopulated the city on 10 December. Again, Mukti Bahini took over on 11 December. It was after five days ahead of the victory of Bangladesh on 16 December.

Land| the Mymensingh City Stands On the Brahmaputra River

Mymensingh is the city, earlier known as Nasirabad. The Age of this place is 500 years old. Mymensingh has 44,458 square kilometers land area, established on 1 May 1787.

The Mymensingh city is comprised an area of 5039.76 square miles. It is a sub-district of Mymensingh district.

Mymensingh division consists of four districts. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina announced it on 12 January 2015. Mymensingh is the 8th administrative divisional headquarter. And it is 12th City Corporation of Bangladesh. More to know, the city has no defined geographical limits.

The city of Mymensingh stands on the bank of the Old Brahmaputra. The density of Mymensingh city is 44,458 square km. It holds the second position in Bangladesh. Since the 1980s, the town has expanded with fast urbanization.

The total population of Mymensingh City Corporation is about 478,889. The density of the population is 1163 square kilometers. Mymensingh city Corporation is a compromise of 21 wards.

The Mymensingh division area, the north front line, is just at the Garo hills of Meghalaya of India. Gazipur district excludes the south region. The east part has Haor, the rich watery area of Bangladesh. Find  the full of pristine  wood forest to the west part.


Plants and Animal Life| the Central Zone Of Vegetation

Bangladesh includes four different zones of vegetation. The Mymensingh division’s north-east side covers the central zone of vegetation. This area has contained many forest and swampy vegetation, including the Agricultural University.

The city contains many parks, gardens, mount to make it green and enjoyable. For the forest, we need 25% of the plants according to the total area. But this area has only 5% plant area. But don’t worry; the Government has taken the initial steps for the forestry program.

It has some picnic spots, resorts, museums, parks. That includes Joynul Abedin museum, crocodile firm, Agriculture University, teachers training center, etc.

You will find some recreation center in this division. Local people acquit a lot of cows. Without this, you can see different animals. Like – snake, deer, monkey, fox, etc.

You will find more creatures, such as bats, garden lizards, squirrels, snakes, etc.

People| the Area of Tribal Population

A large number of the tribal population is living here. They come from a different tribe. Garo is a prominent tribe. Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Tanchangya, Moorings, Santal, Khasi, Jaintia, Manipuri, you will see here.

Without tribal people, there are generally people also living there. There are a total of 5,210,272 people live in this division. The population density is 1200km2.

Mymensingh is called the city of education. Many students come from another district to study here. This city contains many Universities, Colleges and, Schools. Mymensingh is full of inhabitants from various areas, societies, religions, and languages.


Ethnic Groups| Majority Tribal Groups

There are many ethnic groups in Bangladesh. Most of them live in the north and southeast parts of the country. A significant part of them lives in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sylhet, and Mymensingh. The major ethnic groups are Chakma, Tripura, and Marma.

But there, you will find the leading indigenous part of Garo communities. About 29000 people live in this division. This is a small amount but a significant majority ethnic community. These groups live all over Bangladesh.

These indigenous tribes are Hindu. A few portions are Buddha and some Christian.

Language| Medium of Communication in Bangla

Every tribal has its language. So, they can communicate with each other. But Bangladeshis speak in Bangla. For daily communication, they need to talk to Bangla.

Bangla is the national language of Bangladesh. Spoken Bangla is a very common phenomenon for regional variation. The Mymensingh native speaker people practice in Bangla. For everyday communication, they have a clear discrepancy from standard Bangla.

Religion| the Area of All Religion

Bangladesh is a Muslim oriented country. For this, most of the natives of Bangladesh are Muslim. Mymensingh is one of the cities of the country where Muslims, Hindus, and Christians live together. Natives celebrate all types of festivals together throughout the country.

Christian families where live called Vati-Kishore. During the Durga Puja, the whole city decorates with flowers, lights, and gates. Major religions in this division are:

  • Muslims (95.79%)
  • Hindus (3.58%)
  • Christians (0.56%)
  • Others (0.07%)

Demographic Trend| the Fundamental Characteristics Of population

At first, you need to know about the city’s demographic trends. This trend defines some features, such as

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Geographical area
  • Income level etc.

Mymensingh Municipality became upgraded to a city corporation on 2 April 2018; It is the country’s 12th city corporation. The number population in this city is 471,858 in an area of 91.315 km2. The population growth rate of Mymensingh is 1.55%.

The literacy rate of Mymensingh is 43.49% for the population seven years and above.

Trade| the City of Financial Institutions

Mymensingh was the most prosperous city in Bangladesh because of Jute production. Jute got the name ‘Golden Fiber’ due to revenue. It generated as a cash crop.

Agriculture was the most important sector contributing to GDP. It was increasing fish demand in the local and global markets. It has a new opportunity for local fishers’ people to exploit in Mymensingh.

Today the city is significant to the economy. People changed their paddy fields to ponds and are cultivating fish. Prawns are sometimes reaching an enormous size in the winter.

The whole area between Maharaja Road and Durgabari includes the traditional shopping zone. There is also a Jilapi Patty making and selling Jilapi.

Transportation| Developed Transport System

This region is one of the significant divisions of Bangladesh. So, it needs a connection with other cities in Bangladesh. That is why it has a developed transport system. The Government upgraded the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway to an eight-lane expressway.

The city’s people use cars, auto-rickshaw, buses, etc. The city is full of traffic-congestion. It occurs because of the lack of an organized public transportation system.

All highway buses run through Mymensingh city. The railway is a comfortable transport service in Bangladesh. Mymensingh has a link to the most prominent cities of the country by rail.

The city junction is big and modern. The train service is available both day and night. Now you can get an e-ticketing service. You can go on a relaxed and comfortable journey on the train without a traffic jam.

“Haor Express” train is popular among the passengers who visit Dhaka via Mymensingh. A special ‘Demu Train” started at the route from Mymensingh to Joydevpur (Gajipur).


Government and Society| the Sub Governmental Workplace

Bangladesh is a republic people of Government. Everything is dependent on Dhaka. The head of the state of Bangladesh is a president. And Bangabhaban is his official living place and workplace. But as a division, there are also some chief offices.

Mymensingh municipality had changed to a city corporation on 2 April 2012. The municipal Government created Mymensingh City Corporation.


Constitutional Framework| the main Structure of the Government

Constitutional represents the basic government structure of the city. It alludes to the protection of people’s fundamental, urban, and political rights.

The constitutional framework of Bangladesh offers the Government’s political form. It works among different parts of the Government to distribute their power. Within the main components of Government, it maintains balances and checks.

The Government assures all citizens’ rights by the local Government. As a result, people can enjoy parity, freedom, justice by this constitution framework cooperation. It works with the chief Government.

Local Government| the local body of the Government

The local Government means the elected authority to a particular geographical area. This local Government comes with the local people’s direct vote.

The primary responsibilities of the Local Government are:

  • Public maintenance
  • Zoning regulations
  • Beautification of the city
  • Cleanliness service
  • Emergency medical services
  • Public transport services
  • Social services
  • People and fire services
  • Public utilities
  • Social services
  • Park service
  • Education service


Justice| the Judgment System

Justice is the moral of human rights. If you fall into any criminal offense, you will inform the city police. The police will try to give you the best justice. Governments are the best friend of a victim.

District Magistrate works for justice of this city. Every district has a local court. The supreme court of Bangladesh is located in Dhaka.

Health and Welfare| Survive All Levels of People

As a division, you will find better healthcare service here. And through the healthcare facilities, the progress of the country can realize.

Modern equipment and technology, Labaid hospital, Mymensingh Union Specialized Hospital are the best. Mymensingh Medical College hospital provides the cheap and best treatment.

The Government thyself monitors the standards of the hospital in a regular basis. Most of the people who live here are under the poverty line. So, they can get better treatment from here.

But poor people don’t get proper nutrition. But the scene is all different in affluent families. They get easier to buy healthy and nutritious food for them.

Education| the City Of Learning Opportunity

There is a vast opportunity for Education. Over 44% of the people are literate here.

The best schools, colleges, and Universities are here. Even international students come to medical college for higher education.

Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh Agriculture Universities are the most renowned educational institution. Mymensingh Girl’s Cadet College is the prominent college here.


Cultural Life| Few Cultural Activities

Tribal people of this division belong to a strong cultural identity. People celebrated the National and religious festivals with great exertion.

People enjoy festival, involving pastoral and traditional sources of merriments like, Lathikhela, Puthipath, Dariabandha, and Ha-du-du. It keeps the rural people in their hundreds captivated all day.

Local people celebrate all the Bengali culture and national festivals. These occasions are the opportunity to get out of the monotonous and busy time.

Daily Life and Social Customs| the Place of Simple People

Mymensingh is a division of Bangladesh. It’s not the capital of Bangladesh. For this reason, you will find some lack of daily life activities and social customs. People run here in search of livelihood. The famous school, colleges, and universities are here.

The transport system is better now than the previous. There have not huge garments, factories, and companies. Most of the people here are day laborers. Transportation is public buses or auto rickshaws. So every morning, the workers have to line up and wait for the bus.

Most of the people cultivation their fields and grows the crop. Some people have fish firm. This area is famous for fish and crocodile farming.

But social customs have influenced this division. There are various types of rituals and worship here. Especially different tribal people perform their festivals all over the year. And their marriage customs and dresses are different from others.


Tourism| Best Places to Visit in Mymensingh city

There are a lot of attractive, historic and recreational places. You will never feel bored when you come here. I have a collection of the top attractions for holiday visitors to this region. Look at the below:

ShilpacharyaZainul Abedin Sangrahashala

Jainul Abedin is an art museum in Mymensing, Bangladesh. It contains the Joyful Abedin art collection, established in 1975. This sangrahashala is standing on the bank of the old Brahmaputra River. Bangladesh National Museum has 800 Abedin paintings.

Shashi Lodge

Shashi Lodge is a famous historical place in Bangladesh. It is located in Muktagacha, Mymensingh. Muktagacha Zamindar Dynasty built luxurious two-storied palaces named Shashi Lodge.

This magnificent building was decorating with various types of fancy goods. After the earthquake, in 1911, this palace was rebuilt.

Botanical Garden

Bangladesh Agricultural University Botanical Garden is a nice place, situated in this area. It’s a beautiful place. If you go there, you see full of green scenery.

Agriculture University is also included here. The area is 1200 acres surrounding the western bank of the old Bramhaputra River. It has two national research institutes.

Crocodile Firm

You may see Crocodile firms all over the world except in Europe. Mustaq Ahmad made the planning of the firm. This farm, established in 2003, is under ValukaUpazilla, 14 KM from Mymensingh road.

Gazni Obokash

Gajni Obokash Kendro is one of the excellent recreation centers in Bangladesh. The Gajni center remains right next to the Meghalaya, the Indian state.  The watchtower offers a wonderful view of all the surrounding areas.

Wrap up

Mymensingh is full of history, culture, and tradition. It is famous for its sights and historical places. You will gain many historical histories. This place is famous for its folk songs and tribal people.

If you come to this division, our content is a complete guide for you. So, don’t think much. Now, make a tour plan and go to the city to spend your holiday.

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