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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Do you love to enjoy the immaculate beauty of the waterfalls? Then, you must want to know about Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a place of scenic evergreen environment. There you’ll find many areas of natural beauty across the country. But Madhabkunda waterfall is the best natural tourism spot among them.

Madhabkunda is the highest Waterfall among all. You’ll find a greenish view of the tea leaves and hills on both sides of the road. Afterward, the zig-zag road enhances your thrilling journey.

Not only the Madhabkunda. You can visit the whole eco-park area in a day.

We can guess you’re feeling excited after listening about the Waterfall. So why are you waiting to know more? Stick with our article till the end. And fill your mind with vast knowledge for a great tour.


Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh| Learn Details

Before planning a tour, you should learn about the place. So today, our article will give you in-depth information about Madhabkunda. Let’s have an imaginary trip with us to Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh.


Know the History of Madhabkunda Waterfall in Depth

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There are many exciting histories related to the Madhabkunda. But the famous history is about Mahabeshwar meditating.

Back in 1200 century B.C, king Govardhan of Gour was going on a hunting expedition. In the way, he wishes to make a resting place in Patharia Hills. That time, he saw a monk meditating under the ground. His name was Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar instructs the king to bury him in the water of the Kunda. But the date should be on the thirteenth day of Madhukrishna.

Immediately after the abandonment of the monk, people hear prophecies. It was three times in the name of Madhab. Since then, it’s the origin of the name of Madhabkunda waterfall.

Another history is famous about this Waterfall. Hindu Local people believe Madhob was the name of their god Shib or Mahadev. In their view, Shib was advent in this place. So they keep its name Madhabkunda.


What will you see visiting Madhabkunda Waterfall?

Madhabkunda waterfall Bangladesh, Madhabkunda waterfall, Madhabkunda, Bangladeshn


People from local and foreign visit this place. So it’s an excellent choice for your family day trip. Along with Madhabkunda, you’ll immerse yourself in the following pleasant areas.

Madhabkunda Eco Park: Madhabkunda Eco Park belongs to much attractive site. The Madhabkunda waterfall, tea garden,  Parikunda Waterfall are some of them.

Madhabkunda Waterfall: The Waterfall is one enough to make your trip successful. The streams of Gangamara Chora flow down from the top of the Patharia hill. The hill is rocky with big boulders.

The endless water streams down from the 200 ft. upper. The heavy water flow makes a big Kunda at down. The edge of the hill is Madhab Chora. Madhab Chora flows to the west and merges with Hakaluki Haor.

You’ll discover a cave on the right side of the Kunda. Local people say its name as ‘Cab.’ This cave is using for changing clothes. The bathers of the thirteenth tithi of Madhu Krishna get to use it. You can also enjoy:


  • Two different water streams create in the rainy season.
  • Plentiful wildlife and wild animals
  • The unique lifestyle of Khasia Punji
  • Enjoy special “Khasia Paan”


Parikunda Waterfall:  Only a few people know about this fantastic Waterfall. That is because it is only alive in the monsoon season.  But people can’t see it another time.

The water flow is not much heavier like Madhabkunda. But the fantastic sight of this Waterfall, spreading the water over the stones. This view increases the beauty of the Waterfall hundreds of times.


  • 150 meter high
  • On the way before to Madhabkunda Waterfall
  • A slippery rocky path goes to reach the Waterfall.


The Pilgrimage: There is a Pilgrimage of Madhabeshwar. Here, Hindu people come in the thirteenth tithi of Madhu Krisna.

In ancient times, Gauri passed away. Mahadev took her lifeless body on his shoulder and went on the journey for an eternal purpose.

When they’re passing by the place, one of the parts of Gauri’s body falls in that place. From then people take this place as their pilgrimage site. Many people claim that a body part of Gauri fell in the deep forest of Pathari. But there is no historical evidence about this incident.

Shibmandir: Inside the Eco Park, you can also visit the Shibmandir. It’s in the opposite direction of the Chora, aside from the Parikunda waterfall.

Tea Garden: Tea garden is another great place to visit. The greenish color of tea leaves can fill your mind with peace. The quiet environment gives a different feeling.

Most of the people here work in this garden. They continue their work from morning to night. So their life depends on the tea garden.


When is The Best Time to Visit Madhabkunda Waterfall?

You can visit Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh throughout the year. But in the summer season, you may feel boiling. Also, the Waterfall gets almost dry.

But the advantage of visiting in summer is you can climb up to Patharia hill. And enjoy the beauty of Gangamara near.

The best season to go to Madhabkunda is the rainy season. You’ll feel you’re going in the middle of the river. Find both sides of the road filled with water at that time.

Besides, Madhabkunda shows its real youth only in the rainy season. So it’s an incredible view for the tourists.


Where is the Location of Madhabkunda Waterfall?

Madhabkunda waterfall Bangladesh, Madhabkunda waterfall, Madhabkunda, Bangladeshn


Find the charming Madhabkunda Waterfall in the most beautiful Sylhet division. It belongs to Kathaltoli in Barlekha Upazila of Moulvibazar.

The Waterfall streams down from Patharia Hill. Earlier, the hill was familiar in the name of Adam Ayil Pahar. Reach this hill 72 km from Sylhet Sadar. Or it’s 70 km far from Moulvibazar.

You’ll be glad to know; the eco-park is there surrounding the Waterfall. So you can rest in Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation rest house.


How will you reach the Madhabkunda Waterfall?

Madhabkunda waterfall Bangladesh, Madhabkunda waterfall, Madhabkunda, Bangladeshn


You can go to Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh by Bus/ Train/ Private transports or Airplane. Every transportation system is easy to access there.

If you go from Dhaka, it’s 350 km from the capital. It’ll be comfortable to go if you have your transportation.

Otherwise, you can go by bus to Moulibazar. Don’t worry; the bus journey is not less enjoyable.

Or do you want to make your journey more exotic? Then catch a train. You will experience a soothing green view all around the train route.

Get down at Kulaura rail station. Next, take a direct reserve CNG for Madhabkunda. Or, go first kathaltali by a local CNG.  Reserve a CNG, or go by local to Madhabkunda from kathakali.


FAQ: For Madhabkunda waterfall Bangladesh

It's about a 76 km distance from Srimangal to Madhabkunda.

No, Madhabpur Lake is 69.1 km far from the Madhabkunda Waterfall.

Sylhet is famous for its natural beauty and deal for many natural and historical places. Plus, it's rich in cultures and Mazars.

You'll find 'Khasia' tribes live near the village of Madhabkunda. They live simple lives than general Bengalis.


Final Thought in Madhabkunda waterfall

Much national and international poetry mention the mesmerizing nature of Bangladesh. That’s why this region is heaven for nature lover tourists.  Madhabkunda waterfall is a symbol of quiet. It’s a charming place in the middle of lush green hills.

Once, Madhabkunda was the only Waterfall in the entire region. But now, people have discovered more waterfalls.

Even, still, it’s the highest and most excellent place for a trip. It gives peace to your heart with purity. Now follow our guide to go to Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh.


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