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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Bangladesh is famous for the big sea Bay of Bengal. It created many sea beaches in different districts. Among them, the Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh is well known worldwide for its unique beauty.

Bangladesh is blessed with a love of nature. If you visit here, you will not but love Bangladesh. The natural attractions of this country promise to make you happy forever.

There are many places in this region where you can make plans to visit. No one is inferior to others. Every site has different characteristics to attract you.

If you are a beach lover, you can travel to Kuakata to see the vast water. It is one of the best tourist attraction places in Bangladesh. No one becomes disappointed to visit this place.

You might have visited many sea beaches in the world. I promise Kuakata sea beach will not be less important among your visit list.

For your further knowledge, I have discussed in this article about this seashore. By this, you will get a clear idea of how you will start and what you will enjoy there. Let’s begin your journey to Kuakata.


Kuakata Sea Beach in Bangladesh: Famous coastline for sunrise and sunset

Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh, Kuakata sea beach, Kuakata, Sunrise and sunset


Bangladesh is rich in natural beauties. You may know Bangladesh is famous for its longest sea beach in the world. Yes, Cox’s Bazaar is the longest sea beach on the earth. It is in Chittagong Division. After that one comes to Kuakata beach.

There are several sea beaches in Bangladesh. Such as-

  • Cox’s Bazar Beach
  • St. Martin’s Island
  • Patenga sea Beach
  • Guliakhali Beach
  • Parki Beach
  • Tarua Beach
  • Kuakata Beach
  • Mandarbaria Beach

Visit Kuakata Sea Beach in Bangladesh

Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh, Kuakata sea beach, Kuakata
Visit Kuakata Sea Beach

Find this panoramic sea beach In Kuakata town, Patuakhali district in Bangladesh. You will have to visit the Barisal Division, the southeastern part of Bangladesh.

Barisal Division is rich with many rivers only for the Bay of Bengal near it. Kuakata seaside is part of the Bay of Bengal.

Kuakata town gets its name from the Bengali word “kua,” which means well. Ancient Burmese tribes dug this well to collect water, known as Rakhine, in this area.

These people came in the 18th century by being expelled from Myanmar by the Burmese extremists. Next, Rakhines take it as a tradition to dig well for water.

Anyway, Kuakata is 320 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka. Kuakata is a town of Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali district. According to the census 2011, the total population of Kuakata is 9077.

Kuakata is a holy place for Buddhist and Hindu communities. Every year many devotees come here to observe Maghi Purnima and Rush Purnima.

They go to the seashore to take a holy bath into the Bay of Bengal. These people also participate in their traditional fairs.

Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh is a white sandy beach located on the Kuakata coast. This place is fantastic for natural settings. Many tourists pay visits all year round in this place. Now, it has become the best natural attraction to the tourists.

In earlier times, Kuakata was a part of the Sundarbans. An evergreen forest lies on the eastern side of the Kuakata sandy beach.

Local people named Kuakata beach Sagar Kannya. The English meaning of it is the daughter of the sea. It is one of the rare scenic beauty spots in Bangladesh. Please find it in the Latachapli union of Kalapara Upazila.

This sea beach is 30 km long, and the breadth is 6 kilometers.  You will get it 70 kilometers far from the main district.

Enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature from here. Sandy beach and blue sky are fantastic to see. A calm environment with sea air gives you an excellent feeling. Feel broad standing on the afternoon beach to see the vast expansion of seawater.

Another enjoyable place is the eye-catching evergreen forest. The most important beauty that makes it unique is the sunrise and sunset.

You can enjoy both excellent sunrise and sunset in the same place. Many visitors come here only to see this unique full view of sunrise and settings.

Kuakata is the excellent harbor of migratory birds. Many birds come here in the winter season to get shelter. That time the beach decorates herself with outstanding beauty.

Enjoy fishing, surfing waves, and towering cliffs by visiting the place. There are some eye-catching pictures of boats playing in the sea with colorful sails.

Be astonished to see the rows of coconut trees. Coconut water is also amazing to drink. Price is also cheap. If you feel thirsty, you must have this drink.

Tribal peoples’ unique dresses attract visitors with great pleasure. It also represents their traditional custom and old cultural heritage.

The shore has some gentle slopes into the sea. This one offers the scenic beauty of nature. If you want to dive, it is the perfect place for you. Sunbath, diving, and swimming are the special attractions of this place.

Do you want to eat fresh fish? There are some hotels which sell fresh fish preparing for tourists. You can get local seafood also. Among sea fishes, coral, Lakka, Hilsa, prawn, crabs, and poa are main to find available. Street foods are also available here.

You will see two small markets in Kuakata full of local things. They are- Rakhine market and Beach market.  The market near the sea beach is popular with visitors. Most of the shops are small in size.

Here, most of the shopkeepers sell different types of shoes, clothes, and local products.  You can buy souvenirs from these shops.

These are made from wood and seashells. In the Rakhine market, you can buy tribal products made by Rakhine people.


Other places to visit near Kuakata Sea beach in Bangladesh

Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh, Kuakata sea beach, Kuakata

If you travel to Kuakata sea beach, other attractive places near the sea beach are waiting for you. Get more enjoyment to visit them. These places will increase your fascination for seabeach.

Kuakata Fatrar Char:

This one is a fantastic tourist spot near the sea beach. Must visit the place situated on the western part of the Kuakata beach. This mangrove forest is the part of Sundarbans, called Fatrar char.

Another name of this forest is Fatrar Bon. It is famous for timber trees. Fatrar char is the big forest of this area. The trees of this forest are strong and long-lasting.

For this forest, people have become engaged with the wood business. Woods collecting from here go to different places in the country. For good quality woods, prices are also high.

Some agencies bring people to the forest if they want to travel.  You can also travel by renting an engine boat near the sea beach. It may reach within one hour from the beach.

Go there by thrilling a journey on the sea. Roaming beside the forest floating on the canal is really memorable. You need permission from the forest authority to enter this jungle.

You may see many wild birds, monkeys, deer, and other animals in the forest. Fatrar Char is a nice visiting place for nature lovers.

Gangamoti Forest:

This forest is the evergreen mangrove forest in the Kuakata union. You will find Gangamoti forest to the last point of the beach. It is at the eastern end of the sea beach where the Gangamoti canal is found.

People call Gangamoti forest by another name Gajamati forest. Reach from this Gajamati forest to Sundarbans within one hour by speedboat. The forest is very near to the Kuakata beach.

The afternoon is the best time to visit this jungle. Enjoy the sun caste shadows on the mangrove roots. Walk from sea beach or take a bike along the seashore to go there. Make a memorable day in the life by visiting there.

You can see many rare species of water birds and flag flying boats while walking on the coast. Gangamotir Lake is the most striking place at Gangamoti.

In 1784, Kuakata was a part of the Sundarbans forest. And This Gangamoti jungle is an additional portion of Sundarbans. You will get the opportunity of seeing mangrove trees in this forest.

This forest protects the coast area of Kuakata from rising waves. There are many plants and animals in this forest. Among plants, keora, kanka, golpata, gewa are notable. You will find deer, wild Boar, monkeys, and other animals here.

Gajamati Forest is famous to travelers because they can easily access there from coastline. Visitors can see big trees, evergreen jungles, various birds, sand, etc., here.

Kuakata Shutki Polly:

This is another place to visit, four kilometers far from Kuakata seashore. Shutki Polly is on the way to Lebur Char. Gather experience of how people process dry fish.

Fishermen catch fish from the Bay of Bengal. Then, they sell this fish and dry some of them.  Fishermen cut and wash these fish. Then dry them in sunlight.

People do it with great care to maintain good quality. Winter is the best time for the dry fish process. They supply these shutki throughout the country. It is also exported to many countries in the world.

Lebur Char:

The local name of lebur char is Nimbur char, five kilometers east of Kuakata seashore. It covers total1000 acres. It was detached from Sunbans forest once the part of it.

Travelers can see many plants and frees here. Lebur Char is full of natural beauty, which can attract tourists. So, visit this Nimbur Char to get the outstanding beauty of nature.


Another beautiful place in Kuakata sea beach is Jhaubon. This one is a man-made forest, close to the beach. The Jhaubon is the result of the Bangladesh government’s initiative works. Jhaubon is a nice place to enjoy proper sunrise.

This bon is full of coconut trees and jhau. The place is within walking distance from the seashore. Here you will see an Eco park where people come to the picnic.

Jhaubon is an excellent place for recreation and relaxation. It is a well-known place to visitors for its unbounded beauty. Visit this place after coming to Kuakata sea beach.

Mishripara Buddhist Temple:

Mishpara is a Rakhine village, nine kilometers away from Kuakata. Here you will find an old Buddhist temple. See a statue of a Buddhist, which is the largest in South Asia. Tourists come to find the interest of this temple.

Visit the statue of Gautam Buddha in the Buddhist temple. And visit the well of 200 years old. You can able to know 100 years old cultural heritage and tradition of Rakhine families.

Narikel Bagan:

Narikel Bagan is one of the lovely places near Kuakata sea beach to attract visitors. It is not so far from the beach, situated on the east side. Walk from the beach and reach there within few minutes.

There are many coconut trees that are destroying day by day. The Bagan is decreasing for strong tides of the sea and rising sea level. Yet, there are more trees to see for visitors.


How to reach Kuakata

Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh, Kuakata sea beach, Kuakata, Reach Kuakata


You can go to Kuakata by bus. If you want to go by bus first go to Barisal city. It is 8 to 10 hours long journey from Dhaka to Barisal.

You can go by A/C or Non A/C service. Then you will reach Kuakata by bus or renting cars from Barisal. It will consume more time and effort.

Being a southern city, Patuakhali has many direct launch services from Dhaka. These launches are luxurious and comfortable to travel.

Also, you will get the opportunity of a thrilling journey traveling by launch. See the Picturesque beauty of rural villages in Bangladesh traveling by launch.


FAQ: For kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh

First, come to Bangladesh to find this beach. This sea beach is situated at  Kalapara Upazila, Patuakhali district of Barisal Division.

The place is famous for the beautiful sea beach. It got the second position among other sea beaches in Bangladesh.

You are able to visit shutki polly. crab island, Fatrar char, etc., to come here. You can enjoy fresh coconut juice from the beach area.

One can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset from the same place. This feature attracts more tourists to visit the Kuakata beach.


Final Verdict

The second-largest sea beach offers you all the beauty of nature to visit the place. The attractiveness of the area is countless. You can’t compare other beaches with this Kuakata sea beach in Bangladesh.

This beach is unique and evokes all with the unbounded beauty of it. So, grab the invitation to the beach to see the beautiful attractions of this place. Collect some beautiful memories after visiting the site.

Come to Bangladesh and travel to Kuakata to see this lovely sea beach. Take a complete idea from this writing before starting your tour to Kuakata seashore.


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