Keokradong tour is an ideal wonderful adventure experience

Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Are you searching for a great ideal place for trekking? Then, you must hear about the amazing hill Keokradong. Do you want to go on the enjoyable and marvelous Keokradong tour? If yes, this article will make your trip easier.

Hills are the most fabulous attraction of Bangladesh. You’ll find here many highest hills in south Asia. If You’re truly fond of hiking and trekking, you don’t need to go outside Bangladesh for your adventure. And Keokradong mountain is the best choice for you.

Keokradong is familiar as the birthplace of outdoor activities. For most trekkers, this peak is their first trekking experience.

Keokradong this nice name comes from the Marma language. This magnificent hill the 2nd highest height in Bangladesh. But there is some controversy about the height of the great beautiful Keokradong mountain.


If you want to know more about the impressive Keokradong, walk through our article. It will assist you with a complete guide. Let’s jump at the post to fill your thirst for knowledge.


Where is the Location of the great wonderful Keokradong mountain

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Unique beautiful mountains Keokradong is in Ruma Upazila under the Bandarban District. The distance of this beautiful paradise-like Keokradong is about 383.4 Km from Dhaka, 64.4 Km from Bandarban, and 26.4 Km from Ruma.

How long it will take you to reach this wonderful place will depend on your departure time and vehicle. According to experienced travelers, there is no limit to how long it will take to make a nice and extraordinary trip. How long your trip will take will depend on your departure and vehicle.

It can take approximately 10.24 – 11.30 hours from Dhaka to this beautiful place, 3.22 – 4.30 hours from Bandarban, and 1.30 – 2.30 hours from Rama.

The geographical location of extremely nice Keokradong mountain

East: India, Myanmar and Belaichari upazila of Rangamati,
West: Rowangchhari, Lama and Bandarban Sadar Upazila,
North: Rowangchhari Upazila,
South: Thanchi Upazila,


Marvelous adventure Keokradong tour plan

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It is very important to plan a trip to be very colorful. The pleasure of your trip will be multiplied if you can make a proper plan for the Keokradong tour. You have to come to Bandarban why you don’t want to travel from anywhere in Bangladesh.

From Bandarban to Ruma and from Rama you have to go to the coveted wonderful Keokradong. This beautiful place is a little difficult to travel to in one day so it is better to travel in two days.

Some preparations need to be made to make Keokradong mountain travel comfortable

  • Take with your packs to keep things you need.
  • It is so good to take hiking boots.
  • Extra pair of shocks.
  • Keep some packets of Orsaline and Glucose, These will keep your body and mind very strong.
  • If you want to stay on this amazing mountain, be prepared to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Muscle Relaxer Can take.
  • It is better to take fever, pain, acidity, and first aid medicines.
  • Take some dry food with you.
  • Keep a copy of the identity card with you when traveling to Keokradong.


Excellent to see time traveling to Keokradong mountain

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When you visit Keokradong, you will be fascinated by its amazing natural environment. I can promise you that once you see this place, you will fall in love with it. Some of the most beautiful special places are discussed below.

Darjeeling Para

Darjeeling para is known as the cleanest village in Bangladesh. On the tracking route of the Keokradong tour, you’ll find the village. It’s under the hill.

The indigenous people who live here are so helpful. And you can learn from them one thing. It is how they keep neat and clean the area.

Keokradong Peak
On Keokradong peak, you’ll see the cottages for tourists. Here you can live at night. And I say, don’t miss the chance to stay there at night. The rent for each person to spend an excellent night is 300 Tk.
But you have to get permission from the army camp here, Bangladesh Army is very professional and good, they will help you in any need.

Keokradong Helipad

Keokradong helipad is above the Keokradong hill. The view here is fantastic. You don’t need to catch the clouds here. Instead, you will feel like you are floating in the middle of an ocean of beautiful clouds.  This feeling I can’t express in words.

From the helipad, you can also view the peak of many hills. If the weather is fresh, then you’re lucky. You’ll be able to see the border of both Myanmar and India.

Moreover, people can view most villages/para of indigenous living in Keokradong. Wherever you look, the green environment will attract your eyes.

Keokradong Summit Point

The peak of the Keokradong is the summit point of it. All your fatigue will be gone in a moment by seeing its natural paradise-like view.

Bandarban District administration makes arrangements of seats to rest. You’ll see a rectangular Stone slab there. The name of the hill and its height has written on the slab.

The sunset and sunrise view from Keokradong will add incredible memories to your life. On top, you can see from there the highest village of Bangladesh, “Passing Para.”


How to go so amazing Keokradong mountain Bandarban

You’ve to come first to Bandarban City for the Keokradong tour. Let’s take a look at how you can reach the highest hill. You can easy way reach Bandarban from any part of Bangladesh. Currently, the transportation system in Bangladesh is very good.

These vehicles are very good for coming to Bandarban. One of them is the bus, private car, train, and plane. If you want to go by train or plane then you have to come to Chittagong but this trip will definitely be very exciting. From Bandarban, you have to reach the beautiful Keokradong mountain via Ruma.

How to go natural luxurious Bandarban from Dhaka for Keokradong tours

If you’re coming from Dhaka, catch a so good bus. There is a direct excellent bus service available in Dhaka to the Bandarban route. And, per ticket will cost BDT 500 – 700 per person for non-AC. The best AC tickets will cost BDT 900 -1500. Amazing and exciting travel time will take 7.5 – 8.5 hours, and its distance is 319 km.

Otherwise, you can go by train or plane, this trip is very colorful and exciting, but in this case, you have to go to Bandarban via Chittagong

For this great trip, you have to pay Tk 300 – 1500 per person for the train and Tk 5000 – 8000 for the plane and Chittagong to Bandarban bus 200 – 250 Tk.

How to go very magnificent Keokradong mountain from Bandarban

It takes a day to reach this beautiful Keokradong hill from Bandarban. From Bandarban you have to go to Ruma Bazaar, the distance of your excellent journey will be 42.4 km.

Among the vehicles, you can use for travel are notable moon cars, local buses, etc. The fare will be 150 – 200 Tk per person and it will take 1.50 – 3 hours.

If it is afternoon or evening to go to Ruma from Bandarban, stay in Ruma or Boga lake at night. leave for Keokradong in the morning, reach the wonderful destination of your dreams.

Also, permission has to be obtained from the camp of the Helpful Army of Bangladesh to go to the amazing Keokradong. Remember, if there is any problem with the journey, the army will help you, the Bangladesh army is very professional and compassionate.

Keokradong 26.4 km road from Ruma, this trip is one of the most adventurous adventures of Keokradong. Travel time here determines what time you are traveling.


What is the best time for visiting awesome Keokradong mountain?

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The best season is winter to visit Keokradong for trekking. Or choose Autumn or fall to enjoy the mesmerizing nature of hills and Boga lake.

However, due to the extra heat, it will not be easy to trek in this nice mountain in summer. The natural environment looks very beautiful during the rainy season, but the road to Keokradong is slippery. So it is best to travel to Keokradong in winter, if you travel in winter you can enjoy the maximum pleasure.


Where to stay for making Keokradong tour great

Don’t worry about where to stay when traveling to Keokradong. Bandarban district has excellent accommodation arrangements for tourists almost everywhere. If you want, you can stay in a nice aboriginal house exchange rent at night.

You will find excellent hotels in Bandarban city, Ruma, and Boga lake to stay.

1.You can rent a good quality hotel for one night in Bandarban for 300 to 1500 Tk.
2.Ruma and Boga lake can rent a good quality hotel for 300 to 1000 Tk.
3.In Ruma and Boga lake areas you will find some hill tribe houses where you can stay for 200 to 500 Tk.


What special food will you get while traveling to Keokradong mountain?

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If you want to travel to great Keokradong, you must go to Keokradong via Bandarban and Ruma. While traveling in these regions you will be able to eat delicious food and some special regional food. Nice delicious Bengali, tribal, and western food are available here.

Bangla Food: One of the delicious Bengali food you can eat is rice, fish, pulses, vegetables, halal meat, biryani, kebab, Halim, etc.

Western Food: Western cuisine includes many delicacies such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, etc.

Tribal Food: The main attraction of the delicious food here is the hill tribal food. Tribal foods include Zum rice, mountain chicken, Frog meat, pork, guisap, dried fish, vegetables. It is good to know about halal before eating tribal food.


An adventure and excellent Keokradong tour cost

Excellent Keokradong tour cost not too much. This cost is within the reach of every travel-hungry person, you can travel to Keokradong as much as you can if you want. Below we discuss in detail the cost of a person’s excellent travel to Keokradong. The cost will be a bit lower if you want to travel in a group.

We assume you will excellent 2 days Keokradong tour by non-AC bus from Dhaka. Details of all the amazing travel expenses are given below.

1.Buy some things ready for travel 1000Tk,
2.Accommodation rent 1000 Tk,
3.Bus fare from Dhaka to Bandarban 1000 – 1400 Tk,
4.Bus fare from Bandarban to Ruma 200Tk,
5.Extra cost from Ruma to Keokradong 500Tk,
6.Travel guide 700 – 1200 Tk,
7.Breakfast 2 times 200 Tk,
8.Lunch 2 time 600 Tk,
9.Dinner 2 times 600 Tk,
10.Dry food 200 Tk,
11.2000 Tk (optional) You can buy something for your family on the way home at the end of the trip,

Total cost: 6000 -6900 Tk + 2000 Tk (optional) = 7000 – 7900 Tk.


Tips that should keep in mind for the best Keokradong tour


  • You will not find any electrical systems in Boga lake or Keokradong, so it is best to charge your electrical devices in advance.
  • Take a stick, which will be your best friend for the whole hike.
  • Accumulate strength and keep falling slowly to the top of the awesome hill There is no need to rush.
  • Only overload your backpack with necessary things It will increase your difficulty in trekking.
  • Keep efficient pure water in your backpack or you can fill up the bottle from Jhiri.
  • Drink up the saline or glucose in dehydration it is good.
  • Keep Robi and Teletalk SIM You will get their network services here.
  • The tribal people living here are friendly and straightforward.


FAQ: For the Great Keokradong tour

This magnificent hill the 2nd highest height in Bangladesh. But there is some controversy about the height of the great beautiful Keokradong.

Unique beautiful mountains Keokradong is in Ruma Upazila under the Bandarban District. The distance of this beautiful paradise-like Keokradong is about 383.4 Km from Dhaka, 64.4 Km from Bandarban, and 26.4 Km from Ruma.

Final Touch for amazing Keokradong tour

You will never find a better place to go for an intense touch of nature than Keokradong. In Bangladesh, this place is heaven for trackers and nature lovers.

Every year many local and foreign tourists come on the Keokradong tour. For this, the place is a fascination for adventure. Day by day, our young generation also gets encouraged to visit there. So Follow our article and soon plan a trip to Keokradong.


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