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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Have you planned for the Kaptai Lake Tour? It is the largest artificial water vessel in South Asia. If you want to make your tour comfortable and relaxed, first learn about the lake. Then make your journey to Kaptai Lake.

You can read this topic to fulfill your purpose of making a comfortable tour. You will learn where the lake is and how you will go there. Also, you will find the places of enjoyment there from this article.

Kaptai Lake is a fantastic spot for the nature lover. If you love the touch of nature, go to the lake. It will embrace you with deep affection.  Don’t miss the opportunity to travel to Rangamati to visit the lake.

Now, pick the Kaptai Lake as your first choice for the Bangladesh tour. It will definitely increase your interest to visit the whole of Bangladesh.

Kaptai Lake Tour| Learn details

Kaptai Lake tour is the best decision for your tour plan. Now, we will provide you all the information that will assist you as a guide to your journey. Let’s come across the full details.


Description of Kaptai Lake Tour

Kaptai Lake tour, Kaptai Lake
Kaptai Lake

This one is the largest freshwater vessel in Bangladesh. You know this dam is manmade. It is the source of vast water in Rangamati district, Chittagong Division. The lake is near Kaptai city of Rangamati, created by damming Karnaphuli River.

The East Pakistan government started the hydro-electric project in 1956. The United States funded it for construction. The project of hydro-electric ended in 1962. For this, 220 square kilometers of plow land went underwater.

Then, it became a big lake in Rangamati. Utah International Inc. and International Engineering Company got the construction job of the dam. 40% of the total cultivated land went underwater during dam construction.

Government preserved forests, and local forests also went underwater in that process. About 18000 families lost their homes. Even the palace of the Chakma king went underwater.

Anyway, 688 km² Area water reservoir was created in this way. That one is the Kaptai Lake. The average depth of Kaptai Lake is 30 meters with a maximum depth of 150 meters.

Most of the part of this lake is in the Rangamati district. It also includes other Upazilas in Rangamati. The H shaped lake has two arms, joint with an old part of Karnaphuli near Shuvolong.

You will find the whole part of the Kaptai Lake in the middle Karnaphuli valley. The lower part unites with the Kasalong, Changi, and the Rinkhyong Rivers.

At present, the lake has lost its 20% volume for rapid siltation. Land erosion and loose rocks during monsoon are increasing deposits of silt.


Places to visit Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake tour, Kaptai Lake
Tour Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is present with all the beauty of nature for your enjoyment. First, you need a boat to enjoy the beauty of the reservoir.

You can also see the attractiveness of the lake from the top of the hills. Take permission of the authority to visit this big water vessel. It would be best if you had to pre-book here.

In different seasons, the lake decorates itself with a different look. So, you can visit any time as you wish. The beauty is not less in any season.

But Shuvolong waterfall gets new life in monsoon. If you want to enjoy the live spring of this place, come in the rainy season. Feel numerous happiness to enjoy a full blossom fountain.

Nature becomes greener in the monsoon. Karnaphuli also expresses its full wave at this time. So, try to come in the rainy season to enjoy most.

Take a boat to see around the lake. You can hire a reserve boat also. Pedal boats are also available here. Now, enjoy the crystal clear water of the lake, roaming around the lake with a boat trip.

The full-day trip will make you fascinated by many attractive things. In Kaptai Lake visit, you will see the following things:

  • Shuvolong waterfall
  • Shuvolong market
  • Adivasi village.

When you start your journey by boat, you will get Shuvolong waterfall on the bank of Kaptai Lake. The lake is surrounded by many hills. These hills are long in height. Reach the waterfall through the lake. It is one of the beautiful and attractive streams in Rangamati.

Now, there is little water to fall. But tourists love to visit the place. The waterfall is just near the Shuvolong Bazar.  You can reserve a boat or share it with others to go there.

There are two places to hire a boat. One is the Parjatan complex, and another is Reserve Bazar. Different types of boats are available there. Rent depends on the boat’s size and comfort level.

The total trip will take 5-6 hours. If you want to see the waterfall alive, make a plan to visit in the rainy season. In this season, Shuvolong waterfall gets its life back at full speed. It falls about 300 feet above in the rainy season.

Now, visit Shuvolong market in the middle of your journey. You will get huge products made by tribes. Tribal people make these unique things to sell in this market. Tourists are their main customers.

All of the products are unique and beautiful in design. There are many shops and small restaurants. You can buy their handmade creations as a souvenir.

The shawl is the significant cloth among them. Drink fresh coconut water from this market. You will see an Army check post in the market. So, be careful of clicking photos here.

Next, take a break from riding a boat to visit Adivasi village. You have to go up many stairs to reach the village. Inhabitants of this village are Chakma tribes. You can see Chakma Rajbari, the tribal museum, and Rajban Bihar pagoda in this village.

This ethnic is the largest ethnic group in the country. Be familiar with their culture, occupation, and way of living. They wear their own woven clothes. These are not similar clothes to other parts of Bangladesh.

Nature will embrace you with love here. Be astonished to see their simple lifestyle and houses. People will welcome you with the whole heart. Here you will get some small shops full of local goods.

There is another place to visit while floating Kaptai Lake. That is Nirman Temple. Here, you will find a temple on top of the hill.

The fishing scenery of fishermen is also enjoyable to see in the lake. You can enjoy the lake fish on your launch. They are fresh and wonderful to taste. Have some delicious food presenting in a bamboo pot. You will get this bamboo food nowhere in Bangladesh.

People who come to visit in groups enjoy it much. They sing and dance in the open boat together. That is really amazing to see. There is a kayaking facility for kayaking lovers in River Karnaphuli near Kaptai Lake.

Don’t know how to swim?  Use a life jacket before traveling on the boat. Again, don’t throw any waste in the water of the lake. It ruins the beauty of the lake.

Some restaurants are available in the middle of Kaptai Lake. Also, eat some delicious food from a floating restaurant in the naval area. If you want to have lunch, you can buy food from there.

Rangamati Hanging Bridge is another attraction in Kaptai. Must visit it when you come here. It will make your day memorable.

You have the chance to travel to more places in Rangamati when you make a tour in Kaptai. Those amazing places are:

  • Rangamati city
  • Kaptai dam
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Karnaphuli River
  • Navy Academy
  • Cable car
  • Kaptai National Park
  • Sheikh Russell Aviary and Ecopark


Importance of Kaptai Lake

This one is a good spot for a family or group tour. The importance of the tour is also notable. The local people use this water body for cultivating the land. They irrigate their lands in the dry season by this lake.

The old lake has become fertile by covering it with silt. So, crops produce well in the soil of lakeside.

It is also the source of sweet water fish. Find it as a large source of hatchery and fish. The production of fish meets the demand of local people.

Fish is also being supplied to Dhaka and other cities of the country. Calculate the annual average fish production as above 7000 tons.

Since this place is a famous tourist attraction, it generates revenue for the government. Different occupations are dependent on this lake. Tribes earn money by selling things to visitors who come to see the place.

How you go to Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake tour, Kaptai Lake
Dhaka to Kaptai Lake

Buses are available from Dhaka to Kaptai. First, go to Sayedabad or Kamalapur bus stand to get into the bus. It needs about 7 to 8 hours to direct from Dhaka.

You can go to Chittagong by bus or plane also. After returning there, you will find huge buses heading to Kaptai from Baddarhat. You will reach there within 2 or 3 hours. From Rangamati district, you are able to go by bus, CNG, or by boat.


FAQ: For Kaptai Lake tour

It is in Bangladesh. You will have to go to Kaptai Upazila, Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Yes, it is an artificial lake, accidentally made. The time of creation is 1956.

Yes, there are resorts for night stay. You can also stay at Rangamati after visiting the place. Rangamati has many hotels for your accommodation.

Yes, you can. It is on Kaptai Lake.



You will miss half the beauty of Bangladesh if you don’t visit Rangamati. Rangamati is the place of all-natural beauty. Mother nature blessed this town from the core of heart.

Enjoy deep hills, a lot of waterfalls, and the Karnaphuli River. But, Kaptai Lake is the prime attraction in the Rangamati district.

Boating across the Lake brings your day in the highest happiness. Bathing in the waterfall and swimming in the river water is not less enjoyable.  Feel amazing to see soil beneath the crystal clear water in the lake.

Sure enough, you are planning to make a Kaptai Lake tour after reading this article. Of course, it will be your best decision to visit here in Bangladesh.


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