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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

You may search to visit natural places in Sylhet. Sylhet is an old division of Bangladesh. There are many exciting natural attractions to visit the site. Jaflong in Sylhet is one of them.

Nowadays, Sylhet has become a famous tourist destination through the home and abroad. Every year many people visit this town for its outstanding beauty of nature.

Nature did not hesitate to give her all beauties to Sylhet. It has enormous high hills, lots of tea gardens, and many shrines, making it popular in and out of the country.

Sylhet is also considered one of the wealthiest cities in Bangladesh. It generates more money from foreign countries because of the vast population living in the UK and America. It earns more revenue from its tourism sector that helps it to be a prosperous city.

Among its famous tourist spots, Jaflong is the most tourists’ choice place in Sylhet. Though it loses its outstanding beauty for mining and crushing stone, many tourists visit the site.

Make a plan for a full day trip to Jaflong to enjoy the natural enchantment of the place. The valley city has many entertainments of nature for visitors. Rivers, hanging bridges, tribes are all things that will fascinate you for a long time.

So, check out this article before visiting Jaflong in Sylhet. It will make you acquainted with Jaflong. You will not feel yourself an outsider of that city.


Jaflong in Sylhet| Must-see destination for tourists

Now we will discuss beautiful Jaflong, which is the most tourist demand place in Bangladesh. So, read the document with attention to be familiar with Jaflong.

Discover the natural beauty of this area by visiting there. All things you need to know is the full description before visiting this area. It will help you to continue a hassle-free tour to Jaflong.


Why do you visit Jaflong in Sylhet

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Visit Jaflong in Sylhet

The northeastern city, Sylhet, is famous for its top tourist attractions. Jaflong is a hill town of Sylhet, situated in Gowainghat Upazila. You will find this Upazila in Sylhet.

It shares a border between Meghalaya, the Indian state, and Bangladesh. The place is overshadowed by mountains and rainforest lands. This is the home town of Khasi communities.

Jaflong in Sylhet is well known for stone collections. The area is about 60 kilometers far from the main Sylhet town. Explore it in the middle of hills and tea gardens. River Sari is flowing beside Jaflong. It remains in the lap of Khashia Hill.

You know the place is popular for stone collections. Once,  Jaflong was famous for its Rocks and stones. It also preserves astonishing green hills and rolling tea gardens. It has the Piyain River, which originated from the Himalayas. Now, the clear blue water of the river is dying slowly.

Jaflong remains on the foot of the Meghalaya Hills on the border of Indo-Bangla.  The monsoon season is a blessing for this area.  In this season, the river brings precious rocks and pebbles from Indian Hills with its strong current.

That rocks deposits in Jaflong. The stone crushers supply them to all the places of Bangladesh for construction use. This picture of a rock collection is fantastic to see.

Every day at dawn, many boats descend into this river to collect rocks.  Many laborers come with spades and buckets to collect stones from the river bed. The place becomes crowded for their shouting.

More than 10000 men, women, and children work for stone crushing. The stone mill owners grab the government-owned lands, reserved forest lands for extracting stones. They also cut small hills and pollute the environment. Yet, the place is expressing its full beauty for tourists.

Jaflong attracts everyone for its beautiful location in Sylhet. People become thrilled to see Indian hilly areas from this area. The amazing landscape soothes people’s minds with peace and happiness. God puts all essential things to make Jaflong eternal beautiful.

You will see many waterfalls in Jaflong. These come to the midst of the hills. Enjoy the heavenly beauty of the waterfall to visit the place.

These waterfalls create the River Piyain, created from the river Dauki. It changed its name to Bangladesh. Then, it flows straight to Bangladesh from Meghalaya hills. It attracts more foreign tourists. This one is a photogenic place for photographers and visitors.

Boating facilities are available in the Mari River. You can enjoy a crystal clear water journey by boat after lunch. It leads to Lalakhal, another tourist attraction of this place. On the way, enjoy greenish hilly forests beside the river.

On the way to see Jaflong, tourists go to visit Tamabil. It is 7 kilometers far from Jaflong. Here, you will find the immigration check post and a land custom. Go behind to see a war cemetery.

Find in this place a freedom fighters cemetery of Bangladesh. In 1971, these fighters fought for freedom in Bangladesh.  The Pakistani Army murdered them along the border area of Bangladesh and India. Please pay a visit to this war cemetery to respect them.

Visitors stop for some time in Jaintapur Upazila Sadar to see an old ruins Royal palace on the way to Tamabil. It was an independent province of the Jaintapur people governed by the king. In 1830, British Empire conquered it and took it under its control.

Sreepur is another place that is popular for picnic spots. Many people come here to picnic. Mainly, students from different colleges and universities come in groups for recreation.

Do you want to see real pictures of Jaflong? Then, come to visit in Rainy season in this place. Jaflong expresses its true natural beauty in this season.

Waterfalls and rivers get full life with super speed. Between April and October, you can visit the place. But be careful of sleepy rocks and roads in Jaflong.

Most of the visitors come to visit here in winter. Sometimes it floods during the monsoon. Roads become muddy and slippery. So, We advise you to get weather information before visiting the place.

Another important thing, you will find no police station in Jaflong. It is under Gowainghat thana. So, if you need any help, contact the Gowainghat police officer.


Top attractions in Jaflong

Jaflong in sylhet, Jaflong, Jaflong in Sylhet amazing

If you visit Jaflong in Sylhet, you have many popular places for enjoyment. Take more time to visit and return with full memory of satisfaction. You will be eager to come again once you visit this area. Now have a look for the top tourist attractions in Jaflong in Sylhet.


  • Zero Point:

This is the place of the Bangladesh-India border. You can see the view of Meghalaya Hills existing on the Bangladeshi land. The arrival of the River Piain in Bangladesh is most impressive to see.

Enjoy the stone river here, where in nature India and Bangladesh meet. You can walk in water on foot in winter. Some bathes in cool water. But, the water level becomes high during the Rainy season.

At this time, you can access it by boat. Get a boat from Bolla Ghat to flow in the river. Many boats wait for your service during the rainy season.

The place is very close to India. There is no border restriction here. Both Indian and Bangladeshi tourists visit this place together. It is incredible to observe that you need no visa, passports to stay on the Indian border.

If you travel by boat, you will see many mountains on the riverside. Discover yourself in the middle of the hill and get a thrill of the calm environment. Hanging Bridge far on river Dawki is another attraction to enjoy.

  • Piyain River:

This one is an important river in Jaflong. It was created in the Hill of Meghalaya, part of India. The mountain originates many waterfalls that make the river flowing straight in Bangladesh.

It becomes the main attraction of the visitors. You can enjoy waterfalls, mountains, boats riding from this river. Let’s plan to visit it.


  • Jaflong Bridge:

It is a bridge newly constructed on the River Piyain. Now, it has become a place for tourists. You can see the splendid beauty of the river Piyain and its surroundings.

The Bridge has become a good place for spending evening time. So, visitors walk and enjoy the natural beauty of the site from this Bridge.


  • Mayabi Waterfall:

Please find it in the Meghalaya Hills. You can walk on foot to the waterfall in winter. One can see very little water here at this time.  But, in the Rainy season, river streams become high for increasing water. You will have to bring a boat to reach the fountain.

Get this waterfall in Indian land. Bangladeshis can also access it. Enjoy its full life and splendid beauty in the Rainy season. You will get the waterfall 700 meters west from the Zero point area.


  • Khasia Village:

Visit the village of Khasi tribes if you come here. The people in this village are honest and simple. The area of the village is so beautiful to see. This village has a great reputation for being the cleanest village.

Their houses are unique in design. Most of the houses are made on a platform. The main occupation of Khasi people is growing betel nuts and betel leaf. Find the Khasia village is opposite the Mayabi waterfall. You can go there by walking in winter. And it would help if you had a boat in the Rainy season.

  • Stone Collection Activities:

Jaflong is famous for its stone business. Most of the people in this area have a relationship with the stone collection business. Some collect stones, and some people buy stones from them.

They sell these stones to crushing companies. The company makes stones usable for construction works. Then, business people carry these stones all over the country.  This stone collection business manages many jobs for the people of this area.

You will see many stone crushing yards just entering into Jaflong. See piles of stones outside of all yards. Yards are always full of activities of stone works.

You will hear the continuous sound of stone crushing near the river. After going forward to the river, you will see stone collecting activities in the river. People are busy collecting and storing rocks in boats.


  • Lalakhal:

Lalakhal is another attractive place in Jaflong. You can access this place from the river Mari. Hire a boat to visit the Lalakhal. It is the last part of Jaflong. Though there is nothing special to see, tourists visit this place. Enjoy the awesome boat ride on River Sari to Lalakhan.


  • Tea Gardens:

Sylhet is more famous for its tea gardens. There are many tea gardens in Jaflong. These gardens become famous tourist attractions for visitors. Tourists don’t go without paying a visit to these tea gardens.


How to go to Jaflong

Jaflong in sylhet, Jaflong, Jaflong in Sylhet amazing

Start your journey from Dhaka city to Sylhet. It is about 309 kilometers far from Dhaka and takes 5 to 6 hours to reach Sylhet. On the way, take a break in the restaurant where you find it. Then go straight to Sylhet.

Train services are available for you to Sylhet city. It takes more time than a bus but comfortable. So, you can think of it. Many trains leave the Kamalapur station every day for Sylhet.

Otherwise, if anyone wants to go fast, he can travel by airplane. Though it is an expensive journey, one will feel relaxed by the airways. Transports are available from other main cities of Bangladesh.

From Sylhet, go to Shobani Ghat by bus. It is walking distance from place to zero point. Pay a visit here and start your journey to Jaflong main attraction Mari River. This river is not far from zero point.

One can hire CNG or Microbus for traveling to Jaflong.  Microbus is perfect for group tours or family tours. People can see wherever they want if they rent Microbus for the whole day.


FAQ: For Jaflong in Sylhet

You can go by bus from the Sylhet bus terminal. Otherwise, one can hire a private car or Microbus to reach Jaflong.

Bus and car are available for you from Jaflong. You can travel by boat also. But, a bus is the cheapest option.

Visitors can go by bus, train, or airplane from Dhaka to Sylhet. From Sylhet, you will find all types of vehicles to carry you.

The city is one of the popular towns after Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh. The tea gardens, gas fields, and natural beauty make it famous in and out of the country.


End up:

Sylhet, the daughter of nature, is a dream destination for many travelers. Jaflong in Sylhet is the most attractive part of this Sylhet city. Don’t miss visiting Jaflong if you come to this tea city, Sylhet.

Take more time to enjoy the beautiful Jaflong. This place is perfect for family or group trips. If you make a plan for an outing, choose Jaflong. This hilly place will give you a fantastic feeling.

Accommodations are available in both Sylhet and Jaflong. If you want to stay, there are different hotels for night stay. Also, one can come back to Sylhet in a day after sightseeing.

Anyway, take help from this article and travel to this wonderful natural sight Jaflong.


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