Debotakhum Bandarban is best for excellent adventure trip

Debotakhum Bandarban is the incredible great natural beauty of nature. Debotakhum is a place with high steep hills on both sides, clear blue water in the middle. Where sunlight does not reach, innumerable green forests all around. Every man whose beauty is fascinated.

According to the traveler, it is the largest length of Bangladesh, and one of the beauty. The estimated depth of 50 feet, and 600 feet in length. Debotakhum travelers to the dream destination. If you want, the Debotakhum can visit for a short time. The beauty of Debotakhum must fascinate you, and give peace to your heart.

Especially those who prefer to travel to Adventure can be the best of the Debotakhum to travel. We mentioned this article in detail in all matters related to the Debotakhum tour. So read the article, and collect all the necessary information related to Debotakhum travel.


Debotakhum Bandarban location

Debotakhum, Debotakhum Bandarban,All Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

Beautiful Debotakhum is located in Rowangchhari Upazila, Bandarban District, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh.

The distance of excellent Debotakhum from different divisional cities of Bangladesh

  • Dhaka from 348 Km
  • Chittagong from 102 Km
  • Rajshahi from 595 Km
  • Rangpur from 649 Km
  • Khulna from 451 Km
  • Barisal from 342 Km
  • Sylhet from 475 Km
  • Mymensingh from 461 Km

This beautiful place is the geographical location

  • South: Ruma Upazila
  • North: Rajasthali Upazila of Rangamati
  • West: Bandarban Sadar Upazila
  • East: Belaichari Upazila of Rangamati


Amazing Debotakhum Bandarban tour plan

Proper planning is essential to make a trip enjoyable and exciting. Only the right plan can make your trip a success. It is very important for you to make some plans before traveling to Debotakhum Bandarban.

We have from Dhaka one day mentioned the topic related to planning a trip

  • Start the journey at night so that you reach Bandarban in the morning
  • Take with you the backpack you need
  • Keep up with Orsaline, headaches, fevers, and body pain medications
  • Take some dried food
  • Take two copies of your National Identity, such as National ID Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate
  • Take a guide from Bandarban or Rowangchhari
  • Charge your mobile phone adequately, you can take it with a power bank if needed
  • Can take with trekking shoes
  • Register your name at Rowangchhari Police Station and Ksop Toli Army Camp so that they can help you in case of any problem
  • Those who do not know how to swim must rent a life jacket from Shilbandha Para
  • Sick, pregnant, and children should avoid this trip


Best time to visit Debotakhum Bandarban

You can visit this beautiful Debotakhum any time of the year, its beauty will always fascinate you. Heavy Rainfall during the monsoons causes the water level to rise, and the water becomes darker and turbid. For some, this is the best time to visit.

But like most people, this winter is the best time to visit. According to some people, the beauty of winter is enhanced. As there is no rain in winter, the water here has a wonderful blue color. So November to January is the best time to visit Devatakhum.


How to go excellent Debotakhum Bandarban

Debotakhum, Debotakhum Bandarban,All Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

The current transport system in Bangladesh is very good. No matter where you want to go, you can easily travel without comfortable vehicles.

In the case of Devtakhum travel, you have to come to Bandarban wherever you are in Bangladesh. From Bandarban, you have to go there after reading Rowangchhari Upazila, Ksoptli, Silbanda para.

You can use the bus, train, and plane to go from Dhaka to Bandarban. If you want to go directly to Bandarban from Dhaka, you have to use the bus.

If you use a train or plane you have to come through Chittagong and go to Bandarban by local bus from Chittagong. From Bandarban, you can reach your destination by moon car, CNG, or local bus.


Debotakhum can eat something special the trip

This is an excellent advantage to travel to Bangladesh. No matter where you travel in Bangladesh, you will be able to eat some wonderful special food that you have never eaten before. You can also eat some nice food from here while traveling to Devtakhum. Whose taste you will remember for a lifetime.

Here you will find more Bengali and tribal food. However, the main attraction for tourists here is the food of the tribes. One of the foods you can eat is Zum rice, fish, pork, guisap, kuchia, mountain chicken. However, before eating the food of the tribes must know the subject of halal.


Exciting and adventurous Debotakhum tour cost

The cost of this wonderful Devatakhum trip is within the reach of people of all classes and professions. The cost of travel here depends on what time you are traveling, and how many people are traveling together. The cost will be a bit higher if you travel alone.

Below is a description of what it would cost for a person, traveling in a non-AC bus, from Dhaka during the winter. The description we made is of a short trip, which is one day and two nights. You have to spend two nights on the bus journey.


  • Dhaka from Bandarban (Bus fare)1000 – 1400 Tk
  • Bandarban from Rowangchhari – Ksoptli (Fare) 100 – 120 Tk
  • One-time Breakfast 100 – 150 Tk
  • One-time Lunch 200 – 250 Tk
  • One-time Dinner 200 – 250 Tk
  • Debotakhum tour guide 800 -1400 Tk
  • Necessary items for 300 Tk
  • Buy something for your family 1500 Tk (Optional)


Total Cost: 2700 to 3870 + 1500 Tk (Optional) = 4200 to 5370 Tk.


Last line for amazing Debotakhum Bandarban

I can promise that every traveler and, adventure lover will be delighted to see this wonderful place.

It is good to know all the information about the place where you are traveling. If necessary, you can read this article again and you can leave for Devatakhum Bandarban.


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