Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh Incredible beautiful as heaven

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Bangladesh has worldwide fame for its natural attractions. Being riverine, Bangladesh owns many rivers and plain lands. The Bay of Bengal is the only sea that belongs to Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar district is the most famous for its immense beauty of nature. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is well known to all visitors. Get it also renown out of the country. Nature blessed it with her whole love.

Anyway, you may want to know about the district Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. I know you are fascinated by the beauty of Cox’s Bazar. That’s why; you want to know about this city.

Cox’s Bazar is a famous district of the Chittagong Division, located in Bangladesh. You know Chittagong is a very old division of this country. Please find it in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. The city is full of mountains, streams, and green forests.

The Bay of Bengal is another one that brings Chittagong to all people of the world. The city is famous for many mountains. These mountains are the creators of many beautiful waterfalls.

Chittagong is also famous for shrines, temples, churches, tombs, etc. All attractions are scattering through the whole Division of Chittagong. You will be able to find attractions in every district of this Division.

Cox’s Bazar is famous for its beauty from ancient times. Now, people consider it the most popular city in Bangladesh. For its enchantress, Cox’s Bazar is a true destination for Tourists.

The vision of nature makes this area the first pick of travel plans. Spend your valuable vacation in this city. You can’t avoid visiting again if you come here once.

This article will provide you a full discussion about Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Now, read this Cox’s Bazar article and make a visit plan.


Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh| The ultimate destination of traveling

Everyone may know the name of Cox’s Bazar around the world. Travel lovers especially must know about the place. They are eager to visit the site. We have presented complete information about the city of beauty.

It is necessary to gather knowledge about the place you want to visit. It will help you to be familiar with the city. So, collect information about Cox’s Bazar and pay a safe visit.


Know the history of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

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Cox’s Bazar

The port city Chittagong is blessed with many districts of natural beauty. Do you want to spend some quality time? Cox’s Bazar is the best from ancient times to spend your vacation in Chittagong Division.

This one is the oldest place in Chittagong. Find Cox’s Bazar as a beautiful creation of God. From ancient, it attracted many people to visit or settled here.

Cox’s Bazar has an attractive beach. Captain Cox’s founded this beach in 1798. At that time, the beach was a small port, and people used it as a health resort. Now, it becomes the most uses sea beach in Bangladesh.

The district area name comes from Cox’s Bazar town. Another name of the city is Panowa, which means yellow flower. Its old name is Palongkee. This Panowa lies 150 kilometers south of Chittagong city.

Find the history of Cox’s Bazar from the Mughal Period. According to history, once Shah Suja, the Mughal price was crossing through Arakan. At that time, the beauty of Cox’s Bazar attracted him.

He became surprised to see the natural beauty of the place. Then, he made camp with his force. Next, Arakans and Tripas took it under control after Mughal rule. The camping place still remains in this area called ‘Dulahajara.’ It means one thousand palanquins.

Later, the British came to power after the Portuguese. An army officer of East India Company got the power to manage Cox’s Bazar with adjoining areas. His name was Hiram Cox, from which the name Cox’s Bazar derived.

Hiram Cox was a famous British officer for dealing with the century-long conflict between local Rakhaines and Arakan’s refugees. He started the rehabilitation work of refugees but could not finish. Before finishing the task, he died at an early age.

People of this area established a market after his name to commemorate his responsibility. Later it became a market town established in 1799, named Cox’s Bazar.

In 1947, the area became part of East Pakistan. But West Pakistan dominated it till 1971. Pakistani Navy’s gunboat used the waterfront as a naval port in the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Captain Advocate Fazlul Karim was the first chairman in Cox’s Bazar municipality. He built the Tamarisk Forest along the beach to draw tourist attention and protect the seashore from the tide.

Fazlul Karim donated all his lands for the welfare of this tourist spot. Then, he built a public library and town hall there.

The Bangladesh Government established Cox’s Bazar as a district from Sub Division in 1984. From then, it became under Chittagong Division.

Cox’s Bazar has become the home of large Rohingya refugees escaping from Myanmar. In October 2018, according to the UNHCR, 725,000 refugees had looked for safety in Bangladesh. Through Teknaf and Ukhia, 860,000 Rohingya entered Bangladesh.


Geographical Structure of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, this place is a prominent tourist spot for visitors. The area of the Cox’s Bazar district is 2491.86 square kilometers. Get the city 93 miles south from the Chittagong Division.

The main town area is 6.85 square kilometers. On the north and East of Cox’s Bazar town covers the Bakkhali River. The west side covers the Bay of Bengal and the south Jhilwanj Union. The Bay of Bengal lies on the west side of the district.

You will get some significant rivers here to include;

  • Matamuhuri River
  • Reju Khal
  • Naf River
  • Bakkhali River
  • Kutubdia channel
  • Maheshkhali channel

The length of the beach area is 155 kilometers with a gentle slope. It has a reputation as the longest natural sea beach in the world.

The district remains on the coastal plain in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. The most area of the city is the flood sensitivity area, a built-in flood plain.


Overview of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel

Know about the annual temperature of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. You will get it almost the same with other parts of Bangladesh. It is 34.8°C maximum, and the minimum temperature is 16.1°C with a hot and humid climate. The average rainfall of the district is 4285mm.

The district consists of eight Upazilas. The Cox’s Bazar city has 27 Mahallas and 9 Wards. Then, the estimated population was 265500 according to census 2011. The town has a connection with Division by road and air.

Cox’s Bazar is familiar as a fishing port. Inhabitants depend on fishing, sea products, and seafood for their livelihood. Cox’s Bazar is considered as one of the main spots for agriculture in Bangladesh. Many people make them engaged with farming.

But, the major livelihood of the people is in the tourism sector. Also, a large number of inhabitants are doing transport business for visitors. Some make jewelry from shells and collect pearls, snails, oysters to sell.

Besides Khulna, this city generates more revenue from foreign exchange. Apart from this, it has other industrial sources that play a significant role in the national economy. It includes fishing activities like marine and inland, salt production, and a mix of small scale agriculture.

There are many educational institutions in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar Government College is the first secondary and degree college in this area.

The first women’s college is Cox’s Bazar Government Women’s College. Get the first medical college in this area, Cox’s Bazar Medical College, established in 2008. Other important educational institutions in this place are:

  • Cox’s Bazar Law College
  • Ramu Degree College
  • Teknaf Degree College
  • Biam Laboratory School and College, etc.

Top visiting places in Cox’s Bazar

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel

This area is famous throughout the world for its different attractive places. Tourists visit these areas and gather memorable experiences. Also, they get full satisfaction for visiting many attractions in one place.

Cox’s Bazar is most famous for its beach and sunset view. Huge amount of foreign tourists come to visit this beach view every year. The Government earns more revenue from this town only for tourism.

Some of most visiting places in this area are:

  • Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach
  • St. Martin Island
  • Himchori
  • Inani Beach
  • Ramu
  • Aggmeda Khyang
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park
  • Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive
  • Dulahazra Safari Park
  • Ukhiya central Ananda Bhavan Vihar
  • Moheshkhali Island


Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel

This sea beach is the prime destination of tourists in Bangladesh. It has a 150-kilometer unbroken natural beach. The beach lies on the Bay of Bengal, the only sea that belongs to Bangladesh.

Explore it as the longest natural sea beach in the world. The beach is 200 meters wide at high tide and 400 meters at low tide. Find danger in quicksand at the time of ebb tide.

The top tourist grab place, Cox’s Bazar, is nice to get an unforgettable experience in the largest sea beach. So, collect extraordinary memories to visit the site.

This seashore is a healthy beach for all kinds of people. According to history, this beach was created as a health port. You will get refreshing air from the sea area. Sea bathing is another enjoyable activity on this beach. Go there for physical and mental recreation.

Though the international beach lovers know it little, it is the first destination of Bangladeshi visitors. And it becomes the most crowded place, especially in the winter season.

Tourists can enjoy the soft breeze of the Bay of Bengal and the quietness of the beach. Enjoy the serene beauty of the beach in the evening time. This is the best place for relaxation and time spends.

This beach is the right place for a family tour or group tour. Anyway, this one is a fantastic site for couples. Many people enjoy their honeymoon or anniversaries on this beach.

There are many enjoyable activities on the beach. People can enjoy different water sports here. Find some to ride boats. Also, some enjoy scuba diving and surfing in the Bay of Bengal.

Sometimes, many concerts happen for tourists’ enjoyment on different occasions. Visit on Valentine’s Day or other special events. You will enjoy the beach with full of fun.

Different sports are available on many occasions. Otherwise, young visitors play beach volleyball, football and enjoy a motor bike ride.

The beach is also famous as a shooting spot. Many media come here to shoot programs for natural background. You may see some TV or cinema stars busy with their shooting or relaxing.

People enjoy the sunrise and sea bath in the morning. This area becomes crowded in the morning. But, day time is less crowded for sun shine. Again, in the afternoon it becomes overcrowded by visitors.

The night beach expresses another beauty with calm and quiet. Many visitors stay here for long at night to enjoy the night beauty of the sandy beach.

Water increases with the night in the sea. Gradually, it covers the entire beach. It looks amazing. The stars in the open sky, gentle beach air all are wonderful to enjoy. Visitors feel the peace of paradise after coming here.

If anyone visits the place one time, she must come again. You will feel excited to revisit the sea beach. So, don’t Miss visiting Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach.

There are other important places to visit around the sea beach area. They are:

  • Laboni point
  • Kolatoli Point
  • Sugandha Point
  • Inani Beach
  • Teknaf Beach
  • Darianagar Beach


St. Martin Island in Cox’s Bazar

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel, St. Martin Island
St. Martin Island

It forms the most southern part of Bangladesh. Another dream destination of tourists in Bangladesh is St. Martin Island. Like Cox’s Bazar, this place is the most visited spot in Bangladesh.

People come to visit St.Martin after coming to Cox’s Bazar. This one is the most south part of Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar peninsula. It has a small island with it, called Chera Dwip. People sometimes go to visit this Chera Dwip.

The Island offers the best environment for visitors. Feel amazing to see an island surrounded by the deep sea. Many people visit St. Martin to see its astonishing beauty of nature.

St. Martin area is only 3kilometers. You can reach the last point of the Island within 1.5 hours. But, its beauty has no bound.

This is floating with its immense beauty in the Bay of Bengal. You should not miss visiting the place anymore. Otherwise, you will feel distressed not going there.

St. Martin is the only coral southernmost island in Bangladesh. Its Bengali name is Narikel Jinjira. You know, this name means the coconut land. The place is full of coconut trees. Drink some fresh coconut juice after coming here.

There is a Rocky Beach to the last of the Island. Corals formed these rocks. Anyway, you can go there on foot. Beware of walking on the rocky beach. Take sandal while walking.

There is no better accommodation on St. Martin Island. So, everyone comes back to Cox’s Bazar within a day. But, at night, this Island decorates itself with full of stars in the sky. Moonless night with stars is fantastic to see due to lack of electricity.

There is a small bush area, which is the only green part of this Island. Cool crystal clear water of the sea allures the swim lovers to visit it. The gentle breeze and tranquility of St. Martin attract the tourists most.

The best visiting time in this area is in winter. In the rainy season, the Island becomes over flooded by seawater. Cyclone is the common picture in this season. For this, Tourists don’t visit from March to July.

Anyway, only foreigners and non-Bangladeshis could visit St. Martin from 1989 to 2004. Now it is open for all and became a tourist spot in Bangladesh. Every day, five shipping liners make trips to the Island.

You can buy some fresh fish from there before return. Dried fish is also available here. These dried fish is fresher than you get in Cox’s Bazar. But, prices are quite high.


Himchori Cox’s Bazar

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel

Suppose you have come to Cox’s Bazar, must-visit Himchori. Nature queen offers her most beauty for Himchori. The place remains near Cox’s Bazar sea beach.

Himchori is a beautiful travel place in Cox’s Bazar. Most people visit this area for relaxation and satisfaction. The place Himchori is full of beauty with waterfalls and hills.

Go up to the hill. From there, enjoy the beauty of the vast sea. But you need full of energy to go to the top of the mountain. You have to complete more than a thousand steps to reach up to the hill.

You will see a waterfall here. Tourists love to bathe under a waterfall, which lies beside the sea. Go three fit down from Himchori road to enjoy this waterfall. In the rainy season, you can find water flowing down the hill.


Inani Beach Cox’s Bazar

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel, Inani Beach Cox’s Bazar

Inani Beach is a part of Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. You will find it in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. Eighteen kilometers long, Inani Beach, is famous for coral stones. Also, it is well known for a lovely natural view.

Rocks and stones are the main attractions of this beach. Stone becomes green in the rainy season, which looks beautiful. But the rocks are sharp and spiky.

The Sunset view is amazing to feel from here. Stay here till the afternoon. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset. One side of the beach has hills, and another side has sea, which remarkable to notice.

Enjoy the calm, crystal clear water in the sea coming to this sea beach. The shark free water is safe for swimming and bathing. So, don’t hesitate to bathe here.

Collect some seashells from the beach water, which will give you a fantastic feeling. Water is filling up with snails, crabs, small sea fish that will make you busy all day long.

You have to come to Cox’s Bazar first to access this beach. Take a rickshaw or CNG to reach Inani Beach. Go there by enjoying the natural beauty on the way beside the road. You will see green hills, waterfalls, and a large sea on the other side on the way to Inani Beach.


Maheskhali Island

Maheskhali got its name about 200 years ago. This is the only hilly Island situated in Cox’s Bazar district. The name Maheskhali came after the name of Buddhist Sen Maheshwar.

Now, it has become one of the top tourist attractions in Cox’s Bazar district. It includes three islands with it-

  • Sonadia
  • Malabari
  • Dhalghata

In this place, visit Adinath Mandir, Golden Temple, and Rikhain Para. On the way of visiting, enjoy the salt field, Jhaubon, and betel leaf garden.

You have to travel by local transports to get access to this Upazila. Go 15 kilometers away from the district area. Now, hire a speedboat or engine boat from Cox’s Bazar jetty to travel Maheskhali.


Some other most visiting places in this area are:

  • Ramu
  • Aggmeda Khyang
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park
  • Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive
  • Dulahazra Safari Park
  • Ukhiya central Ananda Bhavan Vihar


How do you go to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh?

Cox's bazar in bangladesh, Cox's bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, all bangladesh, bangladesh Travel

Don’t worry about the get into Cox’s Bazar. You can able to go to this city by air or road transport. All types of vehicles offer a comfortable journey to this region.

Flights go daily from Shahjalal International Airports to Cox’s Bazar. It needs 55 to 60 minutes to reach the destination.

A/C and Non-AC bus services are available from the capital city. It takes more time than the air route. You need about 7 to 10 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka.


FAQ: Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

It is very easy to get from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka. You can travel by bus or airways direct from the city to Dhaka.

Yes, it is a safe place for tourists. Though not all places, the most popular visiting areas are secure to move.

There are several ships to bring you to St. Martin. Passengers can see hills, sunsets, and sea views from the ship.

The city is famous in and out of the country for its longest sandy beach. It is the only natural sandy beach in the world.


Final Part Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is a town of heritage exploring by Captain Cox. At present, it has become a most visited place for local and foreign visitors. Day by day, tourists are increasing in this place.

So, the city has become an important city to the Government. The Government has taken many steps to enhance the beauty of the tourist spots in this district.

There are many hotels, motels, and resorts near the sea area to stay in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. You can also stay in Chittagong Division if you want. But, accommodation in the beach area of this city is enough for tourists to live here.

Now, come to visit Cox’s Bazar to get all fun of travel in Bangladesh. Take help from this article before going to this place.


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