Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh is the best remarkable beautiful

Do you want to get out of urban life and make your mind feel extremely happy? The great Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh will be your best choice.

Bangladesh an amazing country of hills and rivers. They all are full of natural resources. Bangladesh is popular for its tourist spots in South Asia. Chimbuk Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

The place is Like heaven for nature lovers. It’s a wonderful ancient site. And people have loved to travel Chimbuk Hill for many years. At present, it has become more developed for visitors.

Anyone who has seen the magnificent Chimbuk mountain once is compelled to come to Chimbuk again and again. It’s the 3rd highest hill in Bangladesh. Chimbuk Hill is perfect for family, friends, or private vacations.

In this article, we have published all the information about the excellent Chimbuk Hill. So, join our article and stay with us to know all about excellent Chimbuk Hill.


Where is the Location of Chimbuk Hill

This beautiful Chimbuk hill is located in Bandarban a hill district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. This beautiful tourist center is 333 kilometers away from Dhaka and 24.3 kilometers away from Bandarban city.

Amazing Chimbuk hill belongs to Thanci thana near Bandarban Sadar. The Bandarban district is on the south-eastern side of Bangladesh. It’s under the Chittagong Division.

This amazingly beautiful tourist center is right next to Bandarban Thanchi Road.


Why Should You Visit Amazing beautiful Chimbuk Hill?

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For a thrilling and adventurous journey, you should go to this fantastic place. Riding through the zigzag road above the hill will double your adventure.

There are several mountains on the way to Chimbuk. The horizons of Zigzag hill make you feel that you’re going in the middle of the sea wave.

Besides, your journey will be memorable by seeing the view of the Sangu river. Afterward, the clouds are the greatest attraction for all tourists.

After reaching the Chimbuk hill, look down from it. You’ll feel that you’re floating over the clouds. If you’re lucky, you can touch the clouds.

Also, No other place gives you such fresh air as Chimbuk. To get a refreshed mind, you must visit Chimbuk Hill.


What is the Best Time to Visit Chimbuk Hill?

The best time to visit this beautiful hill is during the rainy season. The hills are becoming more beautiful and alive in the rainy season.

Moreover, this time clouds are floating beside the hills. So it looks like Chimbuk hill is floating in the sky. You can’t feel the feelings of it until you don’t see it.

But the sunny day is also wise to visit Chimbuk. You’ll be able to see the cloud’s shades and heavy breeze over the mountain.


What will you see visiting Chimbuk Hill?

To see Chimbuk hill, your mind will be pleasant and calm. Many tribal native villagers live beside the mountain. Their lifestyle makes you realize the survival struggle of our ancestors. Also, you can live here at night.

Let’s give you an imaginary idea about what you will see in Chimbuk hill:


Chimbuk Hill Bazar

You’ll see a small market is available in front of Chimbuk Hill. The local villagers sell fresh fruits from the hill.

Chimbuk Hill Parjatan Kendro

There is a nameplate at the entrance of the hill. The district administration of Bandarban makes it a parjatan Kendra for tourists. In 2017, MP Obaidul Quader inaugurated this Chimbuk Porjoton.

You will see a ticket counter at the entrance. You need to buy tickets to enter the area. After entering, you’ll see a walkway towards the top of the hill.

It will be a little challenging to get to Chimbuk Peak. But the secluded environment around you will fill your mind with peace.

Giri Chimbuk Bungalow

At the Chimbuk peak, you’ll find rest houses of district administration. Also, there is an inspection Bungalow. Its name is ” Giri Chimbuk.” It is another great attraction for tourists.

The decoration of the ” Giri Chimbuk” is terrific. It’s a three-story building. The first and second floor has four bedrooms with a living room. Its luxury is not less than a five-star hotel.

Nobo Chattar

In front of the bungalow house, there is a churchyard. The name of this churchyard is ” Nobo Chattar.” There are also some benches to sit beside “Nobo Chattar.” Sitting here, you can relax and enjoy the scenery.


How will you reach Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh?

Going to amazing Chimbuk Hill is very easy from anywhere in Bangladesh and the communication system is very good. You can use buses, trains, planes, moon cars, etc. to go.

If you want to go directly to Chimbuk Hill from Dhaka then you have to go by bus. High-quality AC and non-AC buses will be available from the various bus stop in Dhaka such as Gulistan, Sayedabad, Motijheel. Which will take you directly to the wonderful Bandarban. These excellent buses will cost 500 to 700 non-AC, and AC 900 to 1500 Tk. It will take you 7.5 to 8.5 hours to arrive.

You can Luxury travel by train or plane. When traveling by train and plane, you must first go to Chittagong and from Chittagong to Bandarban. In this case, train fare is 300 to 1500 and airfare is 5000 to 8000 and local bus fare from Chittagong to Bandarban is 200 to 250Tk.

From Bandarban to Chimbuk hill you can use local bus or moon car fare 120 to 200 Tk. The extremely nice mountain road on this trip will enhance the enjoyment of your trip.


Where to stay and what to eat while traveling in Chimbuk Hill

No matter what region of Bangladesh you travel to, you will find excellent accommodation arrangements here. There are many modern and high-quality hotel restaurants run by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and private enterprises.

If you want to travel to Chimbuk Mountain, you can use all these services at your convenience. If you want, you can stay in a tribal house. Staying at home will make your trip exciting.

Bangladesh has a distinct reputation for food all over the world. The food here will surely fascinate you. I can promise you that you will want to eat these foods again and again. Among the foods, you can eat while traveling is Bengali, Western, and Indigenous foods.

Among the Bengali food that you will find especially here, you can eat rice, meat, fish, bread, Halim, sweets, curd, chatpati, phuchka. Westerners can eat burgers, pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.

Here you can eat all the nice food of the tribals if you want. Foods include Zum rice, fish, vegetables, pork, guisap, bamboo korol, dried fish, kachu, etc. You must know about halal before taking all these wonderful foods of the tribals.


The total cost of the trip to the excellent Chimbuk hill

You can do all the wonderful travels of Bangladesh at a very low cost if you want, the travel cost of Bangladesh is not very high. All these wonderful trips can be carried by people of all classes and professions. Below we discuss the detailed costs of a two-day overnight Great exciting trip on a one-person non-AC bus. The total cost of this trip from Dhaka to Chimbuk hill is calculated.

1.Bus fare from Dhaka to Bandarban is 1000 to 1400 Tk.
2.Chimbuk hill bus fare from Bandarban 240 – 400 Tk.
3.The rent of a guest house is 300 to 3000 Tk.
4.Breakfast 2 times 300 – 550 Tk.
5.Lunch 2 times 550 – 700 Tk.
6.Dinner 2 times 550 – 700 Tk.
7.Buy necessary items for 400 Tk.
8.Buy something for the family on the way back at the end of the trip 2000 Tk (Optional).

Total Cost: 3340 to 7150 + 2000 Tk (Optional) = 5340 to 9150Tk.


FAQ: For Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh

The fabulous waterfalls, forests, greenish hills have made Bandarban heaven of nature. It's well known for the scenic and popular tourist spots.

Both the Chimbutk Peak and Bogra Lake are in Bandarban district.

Yes, there are few resorts available near Chimbuk Hill. You can take any one.

Nilgiri, Milonchori, Shoilpropat waterfall are some of the famous places near Chimbuk hill.


Final Touch Chimbuk Hill Travel

Hills means the excitement of adventure. Beside, hills are aesthetic enough to relax your heart. Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh holds the scenic beauty of Bangladesh. It’s familiar in the name of ” Darjeeling of Bangladesh”. So every year, many local and foreign tourists visit this place.

The hill is an ideal place for a family tour. So if you’re planning any tour to Chimbuk, reread our article. If you miss anything, you can catch this.

As we described all the details, now it’s your choice to make your plan. So wish you an excellent trip to Chimbuk Hill!


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