Boga Lake Tour One of the best travels for every traveler

Do you want to have a good and exciting colorful time? What if you like to come in contact with the vast waters and enjoy the beauty of the mountains? The Boga Lake tour will definitely be the best for you.

Boga Lake is an amazing creation of nature whose beauty fascinates every traveler. Get unlimited excitement to visit Boga Lake. No will deny but love the place. It may be your best tour in life, I swear.

This one is the best place for friends and family tours. Meet with a wonderful lake to make a tour. And spend your valuable time on your exciting colorful dreams.

So let your wonderful Boga Lake journey begin. And enjoy the infinite beauty of mountains sitting on the shore of the natural lake.

Find the location of wonderful Boga Lake

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You must need to know the exact location of the place where you go. Baga Lake is a natural place in Bandarban. It has another nice name called Bogakain lake. Reach this excellent Baga Lake, go to the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh, and then Bandarban.

The exact location of this extraordinary lake is in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban. Get it 62.3 kilometers away from Bandarban. The distance from Dhaka to this amazing Boga Lake is 375 km.

The geographical location of extremely beautiful Boga Lake

South: Thanchi Upazila,
North: Rowangchhari Upazila,
West: Rowangchhari, Lama and Bandarban Sadar Upazila,
East: India, Myanmar and Belaichari upazila of Rangamati,


Excellent beautiful Boga Lake rich history

Boga lake, Boga lake tour, Boga lake Bangladesh, all bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel
Beautiful Boga Lake

Discover the natural beauty of Bandarban to visit this water reservoir. This one is the highest high lake in Bangladesh. You will see mysterious hills on every side of this Baga Lake.

Feel as the lake is captive with enormous hills. Hills are full of nice bamboo forest, which is another attraction of this place.

You might hear an excellent story about the creation of the lake. According to Local people, Once Khumi villagers killed a goddess who reappeared as a dreadful dragon.

At once, an earthquake occurred by her instruction. The beautiful hill and village became disappeared a deep amazing nice lake was formed at that place.

People believed that the creation time of the wonderful lake was 2000 years ago. So, the supernatural story is common for this place. People named it Boga Lake.

Many experts are trying to find out the mystery of this lake remarkable. Geologists believe that the creation of Boga Lake happened for the Dead volcano and collection of water. The nature of soil and water indicates the evidence of their theory.

The awesome feature is Boga Lake that which changes its color according to the time. Its color depends on sunlight, clouds, and humidity.

This Boga Lake area is 75,100-meter square (18.56 acres), and 1246 feet high from sea level. You will see a beautiful spring in that place. Find it about 153 meters deep.

This pool gets water from rain in the rainy season. Huges of algae make its water amazing green. The great lake never dries up though it has no permanent water source.

Otherwise, in and out of the Boga Lake are full of small and big rocks. They are amazing to see as well as difficult to walk over.


What will you see in the amazing Boga Lake Tour?

Boga lake, Boga lake tour, Boga lake Bangladesh, all bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

Bangladesh is famous for various natural beauties. Nature dominates all over Bangladesh. Get a lot of beautiful places in Bangladesh to pass your vacation. But, Boga Lake is exceptional than other natural places in this country.

This jewel of Bandarban city is an excellent place for you to pass the time in the tranquility and serene beauty of nature. You love adventure! Must come to this charming place and fulfill your dream.

Enjoy the astonishing hill beauty after visiting the place. Blooming water lilies in the lake and shining stars at night will give you an unforgettable memory.

Morning freshness is also wonderful to enjoy. Night comes with different scenery. Moonlight night will give you indescribable beauty, which only you can feel by visiting the lake. It may be your best night in your whole life.

This such a place; you will fall in love to visit there. Cycling, tracking, and road biking all offer you a great experience. The miracle beauty of nature eases your all weariness in just a few moments.

Local people are also so cordial to visitors. You can meet with their distinct lifestyle and culture. Be fascinated you for a long by knowing their exceptionalities. You will also fall in love with tribal’s hospitality to visit their village.


Perfect time to make Boga Lake tour

Boga lake, Boga lake tour, Boga lake Bangladesh, all bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

You know, Ruma Upazila is in Bandarban, the place of natural hills. Boga Lake is also in the middle of vast mountains. So, traveling to this amazing Boga Lake with the exception of a few seasons will increase the pleasure of your trip many times over.

Naturally, Bangladesh is a country of heavy rain. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to travel in the mountains during the rainy season. However, the beauty of Boga Lake is most beautiful in the rainy season.

Despite all, some tourists come to visit the lake at any time. They love to enjoy the real beauty of the lake in Monsoon.

Winter is the perfect time to hiking the place. If you want to travel with your family, winter will be the best time for you. If you are tired of getting here, But the beauty of the lake will eliminate all your tiredness.


How you will go to the amazing Boga Lake

Boga lake, Boga lake tour, Boga lake Bangladesh, all bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

If you want to see the amazing beautiful Boga Lake then you have to go to Ruma Upazila of Bandarban District. You can go to Bandarban from anywhere in Bangladesh. You can use bus, train, and plane as the mode of transport.

First, go to the wonderful Bandarban from the capital Dhaka. There are many luxurious buses direct from Dhaka to Bandarban. This wonderful trip from Dhaka to Chittagong takes 7.5 to 8.5 hours.

Second, you can go by train. Trail reach Chittagong city. Then, go to Bandarban by bus from Baddarhat, Chittagong. If you want, you can go by air to Chittagong. It will increase your cost but comfortable.

Now, start your journey to Boga Lake, Ruma Bazar, away from Bandarban. You can take a jeep or Chander Gari to access this Ruma Bazar.

Again, take permission from Army camp before 4 pm to visit excellent Boga Lake. You should definitely take a sweet-spoken guide who will enhance the enjoyment of your trip. He will help you to fix up all.


Eat and Stay for a great Boga lake tour

Every region of Bangladesh has its own food Reputation, Bandarban is no exception. If you travel to Boga lake then you can eat some special food which you will find only in Bandarban. You can’t match the taste of these wonderful foods with other foods.

Here you can eat special fun food of Bengalis, Westerners, and Adivasis. Tribal food in particular is the first choice of travelers. However, you should check the halal issue before eating the food of the tribals.

Every region of Bangladesh has very beautiful and high-quality accommodation for these travelers. You can stay in Bandarban and Ruma while traveling to Boga lake and stay at tribal homes if you want. The experience of staying at a tribal home can be the best experience of your life.


The total cost of the travel to the very beautiful Boga lake

One of the great benefits of traveling to Bangladesh is the low cost of traveling here. So if you want to travel to Boga lake, you can get a very nice trip one of these at a low-cost.

We have given a description of how much it will cost you to do this wonderful travel from Dhaka alone, 2 days and 1 night. The cost will be a bit less if you travel in groups.

1.Go and Come bus fare (Dhaka to Bandarban) 1000 – 1400 Tk,
2.Go and Come bus fare (Bandarban to Ruma) 200Tk,
3.Extra cost Ruma to Boga lake 300Tk,
4.Guide 500 – 1000 Tk,
5.Dry food- 100 Tk,
6.Breakfast- 2 times 200 Tk,
7.Dinner- 2 times 500 Tk,
8.Lunch- 2 times 500 Tk,
9.Living cost 300 – 600 Tk,
10.2500 Tk (optional)Buy something for the family on the way back at the end of the travel.

Total cost: 3600 to 4800 + 2500 Tk (optional) = 6100 to 7300 Tk.


FAQ: For the Boga Lake tour

Yes, it is safe. There is an Army camp to provide security.

There are no hotels for staying at night. If you want you can stay in local lodges there.

Yes, you can. But it will be troublesome for you. Young travelers can go any time.


No, there is no food restaurant. Sometimes, you can eat local foods. It's better if you carry food.


End up for amazing Boga Lake

Boga Lake tour will fulfill all your expectation of travel. This is the place where you will feel visit again and again. The beautiful hilly nature of this area attracts many tourists every year.

Anyways, take the National Identification card with you. You may need to carry a power bank for mobile charging.

Take a shower in the freshwater of the lake. But, be careful and bathe if you know how to swim. Make a plan to go in a group or family and enjoy the unlimited exploration.


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