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Saka Haphong Bangladesh highest mountain trip detail info

Saka Haphong Bangladesh highest mountain. According to modern surveys, Saka Haphong mountain is the highest peak point in Bangladesh. Apart from Saka Haphong the locals call this beautiful hill Tlang Moy and Mowdok Taung. Ginge Fullen is a great English mountaineer, was the first to climb the summit of Mount Saka Haphong. The highest point … Read more

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Golden temple Bandarban Bangladesh trip great detail info

Golden temple Bandarban Bangladesh is a holy Buddhist Religious place of worship. This temple belongs to the Marma Buddhist community living in Bandarban. This excellent Temple is well known as the Golden Temple or Buddha Dhatu Jadi, but the local people call it Kyang. The amazing beautiful temple was Founder by U Pannya Jota Mahathera. … Read more

Debotakhum, Debotakhum Bandarban,All Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel

Debotakhum Bandarban is best for excellent adventure trip

Debotakhum Bandarban is the incredible great natural beauty of nature. Debotakhum is a place with high steep hills on both sides, clear blue water in the middle. Where sunlight does not reach, innumerable green forests all around. Every man whose beauty is fascinated. According to the traveler, it is the largest length of Bangladesh, and … Read more

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Shoilo Propat Bandarban is amazing beautiful near the city

Would you like to see amazing natural waterfalls very close to the city? Then the Shoilo Propat Bandarban may be your first choice. This a fascinating creation of nature, the softness of its form calms every troubled mind. You won’t find two such beautiful natural fountains for short or long-term trips with family or friends … Read more

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Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh is the best remarkable beautiful

Do you want to get out of urban life and make your mind feel extremely happy? The great Chimbuk Hill Bangladesh will be your best choice. Bangladesh an amazing country of hills and rivers. They all are full of natural resources. Bangladesh is popular for its tourist spots in South Asia. Chimbuk Hills is one … Read more

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Boga Lake Tour One of the best travels for every traveler

Do you want to have a good and exciting colorful time? What if you like to come in contact with the vast waters and enjoy the beauty of the mountains? The Boga Lake tour will definitely be the best for you. Boga Lake is an amazing creation of nature whose beauty fascinates every traveler. Get … Read more

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Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh is a max great adventure trip

Do you like adventure travel? Nafakhum waterfall Bangladesh travel will be great for you. Nafakhum is the word of a marma tribe. This wonderful word can be divided into two parts, Nafa and Khum. According to the Marma tribes, Nafa means fish and Khum is the waterfall. There is a legend that the extraordinary Nafakhum … Read more

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Keokradong tour is an ideal wonderful adventure experience

Are you searching for a great ideal place for trekking? Then, you must hear about the amazing hill Keokradong. Do you want to go on the enjoyable and marvelous Keokradong tour? If yes, this article will make your trip easier. Hills are the most fabulous attraction of Bangladesh. You’ll find here many highest hills in … Read more

Somapura Mahavihara, Paharpur Vihara

Somapura Mahavihara Unusual Rich UNESCO World Heritage

Are you interested in learning about Bangladeshi, the amazing ancient monastery institute? Somapura Mahavihara is that one to fulfill your passion for learning. So, don’t hesitate to read this wonderful article. You may know there are many best monasteries in this country. Somapura Vihara is one of the most famous and influential archeological sites in … Read more

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Madhabkunda waterfall Bangladesh best mysterious beautiful

Do you love to enjoy the immaculate beauty of the waterfalls? Then, you must want to know about Madhabkunda Waterfall Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a place of scenic evergreen environment. There you’ll find many areas of natural beauty across the country. But Madhabkunda waterfall is the best natural tourism spot among them. Madhabkunda is the highest … Read more