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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Bangladesh flag, a national flag represents a country. Every country has a national flag, Bangladesh is no exception. This country also has a national flag. The history of the independence of this country is associated with the flag of Bangladesh. The national flag of Bangladesh is of great importance to the history of Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh hold the flag of Bangladesh in their hearts.

We have tried to give details about the Bangladesh flag. From this article, you can know the history of the national flag of Bangladesh, rules of making the flag, rules of the use, etc. Before delving deeper into the article, I can tell you that if you read this article carefully, you will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the national flag of Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh flag glorious history

The current colors of the flag of Bangladesh are green and red. Previously the colors of this flag were green, red, and yellow. After the independence of Bangladesh, the yellow color was removed from the flag. 

We have to go back to June 6, 1970, to know the history of the flag of Bangladesh. Room No. 108 at the then Iqbal Hall, now called Sergeant Zahurul Haque. The students of that time sat in the meeting to make the flag of Joybangla Bahini. Later the flag of this Joybangla Bahini was adopted as the Bangladesh flag.

The then students were present at the student meeting:

  • Shahjahan Siraj
  • A S M Abdur Rab
  • Kazi Aref Ahmed
  • Marshal Munir Islam
  • Swapan Kumar Chowdhury
  • Nazrul Islam
  • Shiva Narayan Das
  • Hasanul Haque Inu
  • Usuf Salauddin

Based on the proposal of Kazi Aref Ahmed, the meeting decided that the color of the flag would be green and the yellow Bengali map on the red circle. Kamrul Alam Khan Khasru brought a red circle and yellow map on a big piece of green cloth from New Market in Dhaka.

Then the tracing paper was brought from Enamul Haque of the then Quaid-e-Azam Hall, Room No. 312 of the present Titumir Hall of the University of Engineering. The map was drawn by Shiva Narayan Das with his skillful hands.

Bangladesh flag, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn
The old flag of Bangladesh

This is the second edition of the current national Bangladesh flag. Shiv Narayan Das, the original and one of the designers of the flag of Bangladesh, said about the flag in his exclusive interview. At the meeting of the flag-making students, it was decided that there would be two versions of the flag. Without one the map, and another Added map.

He further said that when we start the movement with the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’, there may be confusion among the people. Any Bengal is East Bengal, West Bengal, or both Bengalis, so we decided to draw a map in the red circle of the flag. Later, when the country becomes independent, the map will be removed from the flag and only the red circle in green will be used.

On March 2, 1971, ASM Abdur Rob hoisted the Bangladeshi flag in front of the Kala Bhaban of Dhaka University for the first time, ignoring the bloody eyes of the Pakistanis. Outside Bangladesh, the first Bangladeshi flag was hoisted in Kolkata, India. Through this, the journey of Bangladesh to independence started. On Pakistan Day, 23 March 1971, the flag designed by Shivnarayan Das was hoisted all over Bangladesh instead of the Pakistani flag.

Bangladesh flag, Bangladesh, Bangladeshn, national flag of Bangladesh
The current and new flag of Bangladesh

After Bangladesh became independent in 1972, the map was removed from the flag designed by Shiv Narayan Das. And Patua Kamrul Hasan was given the task of removing the map from the flag and giving a report with color measurements and its interpretation. The flag in the form of Patua Kamrul Hasan is now used as the flag of Bangladesh.


The meaning of the color of the Bangladesh flag

Green: The green color of the national flag of Bangladesh means the green nature of Bangladesh.

Red: The red color of the flag of Bangladesh means the blood of the martyrs of the war of independence of Bangladesh.

Red circle: The red circle is much like the rising sun which has been compared to the emerging economy of Bangladesh.


How to use the Bangladesh flag

There are some rules for using the flag of Bangladesh, you must follow these rules. If you do not follow these rules, you may be jailed and fined according to the law of Bangladesh.

The rules for using the flag of Bangladesh are mentioned below:

  • The national flag must be of the correct size and color
  • The national flag should be red in dark green and have a 10/6 aspect ratio length-width and a circle diameter of 2 feet.
  • The size of the flag for use in the building is 10/6 feet, 5/3 feet, 2 5 / 1.5 feet.
  • When using the national flag on a car, it must be used on the front. It cannot be used on the back in any way.
  • The size of the flag for use in motor vehicles is 15/9 inches, 10/6 inches.
  • The size of the table flag at various international events is 10/6 inches.
  • The national flag of Bangladesh cannot be thrown on water, soil or floor.
  • Nothing can be printed on the national flag such as written drawings etc.
  • The flag can be flown at certain places only from sunrise to sunset.
  • On the day of mourning the flag should be kept half low. In that case, the flag must be raised to the top of the conflict, then lowered halfway down. When lowering the flag again the flag must be raised to the top of the conflict and lowered.
  • Whenever the national flag is displayed it has to stand and pay homage.
  • The national flag is not kept in half down without government permission.
  • Insulting the national flag can result in imprisonment for two years or a fine of Tk 10,000.


How to make the Bangladesh flag

The national flag of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a red circle on the green. The proportions of the flag are 10/6 feet and the radius of the circle is 2 feet. That means if its length is 10 feet then you have to take 6 feet poppy. 

Below are some pictures and instructions to understand the correct way to make a flag. , I hope you can make the flag of Bangladesh correctly as per the instructions below.


  • If the fabric you are going to make for making the flag is 10 feet long, you need to take the width 6 feet, like the picture below given by us.

Bangladesh flag, Bangladesh flag Size

  • Divide your 10 feet flag by 20, and draw a sign along 9 parts. Divide the 6 feet of the width of the flag into two parts and draw a mark in the middle. Your marked cross point will be the center of the flag.

Bangladesh flag, Bangladeshn, Bangladesh

  • Draw a red circle within the center. Whose radius will be two feet

Bangladesh flag, Bangladeshn, Bangladesh

  • Complete Bangladeshi flag

Bangladeshi flag, Complete Bangladeshi flag, Bangladeshn

The last line for the Bangladesh flag

Achieving the flag of Bangladesh was not easy for Bangladeshis. They have liberated Bangladesh by enduring many struggles, oppression, and torture, and have got this red and green flag. 

So every country loving Bangladeshi people love their national flag and hold it in their heart. A foreigner or a good person should respect the nationality and national issues of each country. The people of Bangladesh respect the national issues of Bangladesh as well as the national issues of other countries.

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