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Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Do you have any concept about the airport in Bangladesh? Are you thinking of traveling here by plane? Now, set your mind to travel to this peaceful country. This article is only for you. You will find a complete guideline about the air routes of this country.

There are three types of transports in Bangladesh. They are- Road transport, Waterways, and Airways. Get enormous development within the last two decades in the country.

You may learn, Bangladesh is a country of rivers. Rivers surround it like webs. So, water transport dominates most among other vehicles.

You see the developed water and road transport. But, airways are not behind in Bangladesh. The Government brings notable changes in its Airports.

Bangladesh’s airports are under the Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry. Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority maintains and operates them. See, few airfields are under BAF (Bangladesh Armed Forces). BAF uses them for training and military purposes.

The country has few international and domestic Airports. It also has some Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) port and airstrips built-in World War-II.

Anyway, this document will fill your eagerness about Bangladesh aerodromes. So, don’t get worried.  Read now and get exact information.


Airports in Bangladesh in details

Being a small country on the world map, Bangladesh also has limited airports. The country has three international and twelve domestic airports. But all are not active yet. Like other countries, this country has three letters or IATA code. So, airport code Bangladesh is BGD.

Before going into depth, learn some basic things about airports in Bangladesh. Let’s learn about it in detail.


History of Bangladesh Airport

Bangladesh Aerodrome contains a fantastic history of the formation. Get many ups and downs story of the present structure. The primary history began in British rule.

Modern Aviation started its journey in this country in the British era. At first, the Indian British Government built an airstrip in Tejgaon area. Learn it about during the Second World War. They built it to fly warplanes unto the Assam battlefield and Barma war theatres. British Government built more airstrips in Chittagong, Sylhet, Cumilla, and other different places.

At that time Government built more landing strip at Kurmitola. It was an extra landing strip for the military airfield, Tejgaon.

The Shahjalal International Airport sprouted during World War-II in 1941. A battle airfield Shah Amanat International Airport was a supply point. The Army, Air Force of the United States used it for that purpose. Get another aerostation during British time is Sylhet Civil Airport. British built it to check Japanese aggression.

Next, in 1971, the Bangladesh Liberation war started. At that, Tejgaon Aerostation suffered more damage. Later, many ex-PAF Bengali officers joined the Air Force in their neighboring country. At last, Bangladesh Air Force revealed its formation in July 1971.

Find the history of Biman Bangladesh airlines formation after PIA. The first Bangladesh civil flight was on 1 January 1972. Capt. A. Rahim operated it from Tejgaon Airport.

All structures of the airport of Bangladesh had to reconstruct. Severe damage to the Liberation War occurred here. Shahjalal International Airport began its operation in 1918. This Aerodrome changed its name several times. First, it started its work with two terminal buildings.

Classifications of Air stations

The region attracts many visitors to come here. Tourists come to this country for a long time visit. So, the country is trying to increase air service facilities. The Government works to attract visitors. You will get here four categories of air service:

  • International
  • Domestic
  • Military
  • STOL port


Active Airports in Bangladesh

The state has two types of active airstrips. These are international and domestic. You can fly by taking a look at these two categories of services. Have a look below and enjoy a tension-free journey by plane.


International Category: Service around the world

This category allows passengers to move between many countries. It is bigger than the domestic one. In general, it features long runways, terminals and can accommodate heavier planes.


Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka

The name of the International Air station is Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. It is the largest and the principal landing strip in Bangladesh. All international passengers get in and get off from HSIA. CAAB carried out more than 90% of aeronautical functions.

This place located in Uttara is 17 kilometers far away from the city center. Find it in the north part of the capital city. The area of the airport is 802 hectares.

This airport is the central hub of the national flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Most of the private airlines in the country’s principal nave are Dhaka Airport.

Over 4 million international passengers use Shahjalal International Airport on a usual basis. This one has three terminal-T1, T2, and T3. International traffics use the first two terminals. Go to the second terminal building for domestic purposes.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines handles almost all major cities of the world. This Air station connects all the major cities of the world with the country. From here, Bangladesh Airlines goes to 35 destinations on four continents.

This one also works as a domestic air service. You should complete your customs, and then collect your luggage. Then go to the domestic terminal (5 min walk) and check in with your airlines.

Over one million domestic passengers used this one.  Airlines manage regional flight services are:

  • Aero Bengal Airlines
  • Air Parabat
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • GMG Airlines

Regular flights run between Dhaka and several other cities. They are beneficial, and at least two or three times a week, most routes served.


Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong

The name of the Airdrome of Chittagong division is Shah Amanat. It is the second-largest Airfield in the whole country. In the southeast part of Chittagong city, it stands on the bank of Karnaphuli River.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh controls the drome. In 1990, it became International. The International Airline handles International passengers by to and from this place.

This one is the country’s busiest and direct links to South Asia and the Middle East. Biman Bangladesh Airline is a base for this air station.

There are different International Airlines from Chittagong Airdrome handled. Also, it has a list of top International routes from Chittagong. Other domestic airlines also operate from Chittagong.

The airline brand that handles frequent service is Biman Bangladesh, Regent airways, BS, and Air Arabia. They operate weekly flight 142 from Chittagong to Dhaka most popular, respectively.


Osmani International Airport, Sylhet

Osmani is the third biggest Air station. In 2002, this one received its first International arrival. International flight from Kuwait via Abu Dhabi lands on this route to Dhaka.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates some domestic service between Sylhet and Dhaka. They arrive from an International destination. The Civil Aviation Authority controls the Airport served by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Most of the people using this drome are emigrant Bangladeshis and their descendants living in the United Kingdom. They are original from the Sylhet division.

The domestic terminal is part of the same place. Private airlines Novoair and US-Bangla Airlines handle domestic flights to Dhaka.

The Air station was initially served by domestic flights from Shahjalal International Airport. It handles 43 weekly flights from Sylhet to Dhaka.

Biman Bangladesh Airline 026 is the first flight that departs from Sylhet at 5.00 am. And, Biman Bangladesh airline 136 is the last flight from Sylhet to Dhaka at 4:40 pm.

Domestic Category: Service within country

A Domestic Airdrome handles only domestic flights within the same country. Domestic flights don’t have immigration and customs facilities.

So, you don’t need to handle flights to or from a foreign Airport. This one often has short runways sufficient to handle small or medium-haul plane and regional air traffic. Some domestic airports are in the country:


Barisal Airport

Barisal is a small airdrome. It has only domestic flights. This one has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to only one destination is Dhaka.

Nowadays, there is one domestic flight from Barisal. Novoair is the only one airline flying to and from Barisal. Forty minutes take to time from Dhaka to Barisal.


Cox’s Bazar Airport

Cox’s Bazar Air station serves domestic service. Cox’s Bazar is the district of the southeastern coast of Bangladesh. The Aerodrome serves for both local inhabitants and tourists to the region.

The most popular tourist destination is Cox’s Bazar. It provides links to the countries’ primary international gateway, Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport, Dhaka.

This one is 1.5 km far from Cox’s Bazar city. The Civil Aviation Authority operates the Airport.


Jessore Airport

Khulna division has two airports. One Is Jessore; another is Bagerhat Khan Jahan Ali. But Bagerhat is under construction.

Jessore Airport is the only regional Airfield situated 71 km north of the city of Khulna. It is a domestic Airfield maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways, US-Bangla Airlines, and Novoair have regular flights between Jessore and Dhaka. The Bangladesh Air Force also uses it as a part of BAF Matiur Rahman Base and training airfield for the Air Force Academy.


Shah Makhdum Airport

The name of Rajshahi division Airport is Shah Makhdum. It is a domestic at the situated western side of the country. It is about 10 km North of Rajshahi city and beside the Rajshahi-Nowgon highway.

This one is operating Biman Bangladesh Airlines and US-Bangla Airlines. This one also has two Aviation Academy. They have 6/7 training Aircraft that are operating from this place.

Besides, these domestic cargo flights are handled to and from various destinations at Shah Makhdum Airport. It carries the name of Sufi saint Shah Makhdum Rupos.


Saidpur Airport

The name in the Rangpur division is Saidpur Airport. This one has a location 2 km from the Saidpur town and 350 km from the capital of Dhaka.

Saidpur is a city in the Nilphamari district in the Rangpur division. This is the most important economic zone because of its regional positioning.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair, and US-Bangla Airlines are operating domestic scheduled service from Saidpur Airport. Saidpur is the closest to Nepal and Bhutan.

Communication to the major cities of the country by Rail, Bus, and Air is so good. You can travel anywhere in the country from here.

Permission is required before operating the aircraft

  • Tejgaon Airport
  • Shamshernagar Airport (STOL)
  • Bogura Airport

Service not available now

  • Thakurgaon Airport
  • Ishurdi Airport
  • Cumilla Airport (STOL)

Under construction now

  • Khan Jahan Ali Airport, Bagerhat

Role of Airports in Bangladesh Economy

Every country needs an efficient and active aviation service. It is not necessary for trade and tourism only. Aviation has a vital need for the country’s urbanization and economic development. Most of the time, economic progress and township start around a port.

Anyway, Bangladesh airports play a vital role in the country’s socio-economy. A large number of international and domestic passengers use this airfield to move. The aerostats handle huge cargo every year.

HSIA is the main entry point of this region. In 2017, a total of 7.7 million passengers used this platform. The total aircraft movement depends on the annual arrival, and departure was 87000.

Nowadays, Bangladesh air transport has become an important sector for economic growth. This sector is increasing tax revenue and national income. It also generates employment opportunities for the country.

The Civil Aviation Authority counted the annual market price of 2014 for airline contributions. The market size was USD 440 million, with 2.3 lac tons cargo and 5.8 million passengers.


F A Q: Airport in Bangladesh

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the top airline. It also operates three domestic airports. They are- Chittagong, Sylhet, and Dhaka domestic Airport.

142, weekly flights are the most frequent routes from Chittagong to Dhaka.

The IATA code for the Dhaka Airport is DCA.

136, Biman Bangladesh is the last flight to Dhaka that departs from Airport at 4:40 pm.


Wrap up

Airport in Bangladesh is one of the most economical sectors in the country. Suppose you want to travel by plane from one place to another place. Or you want to travel by plane to your next holiday.

Air service makes the first impression of a state to a traveler. It is the mirror of expectation to a visitor. This platform of service promotes the country to the outside world.

Then this content will help you where the Domestic and International airports are. After reading this content, you will gain proper knowledge about the country’s Airdromes.

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